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Deed of Conveyance - Jesse St. Clair to William Henthorn

Deed of Conveyance of Jesse St Clair to William Henthorn
of the
W 1/2 of S.E. Section No. 2, Township 5, Range 5,
Monroe Co., OH,
8 Jan 1827.

Whereas Jesse St. Clair of Washington County and State of Pennsylvania did on the 16th day of December 1818 purchase the West half of the South East quarter Section No 2 in Township No 5 (?) of Range No 5 in the District of Lands offered for Sale at Marietta which lot or half quarter Section Contains Seventy-Eight Acres and Eighty-Eight Hundredths and was Sold to the said Jesse St. Clair at the rate of two Dollars per Acre. Amounting in the whole for said lot or half quarter Section to one hundred and fifty seven Dollars & Seventy Six Cents of which there has been paid on Account Agreeable to law to the Receiver of publick Moneys at Marietta the Sum of Seventy- Eight Dollars and Eighty-Eight Cents ---

And whereas the said Jesse St. Clair has surrendered the original first Certificate No 888 dated the 16th day of December and granted to the said person St. Clair And has filed A Declaration No 26 dated the 28th day of July 1821 of Class No. 2 Requesting further Credit on the Remaining Balance Agreeable to an Act of Congress passed on the 2nd day of March 1821 Entitled an Act for the Relief of purchasers of public lands prior to the first day of July 1826 And from the Certificate Received from the Register of the land office at Marietta will more fully Appear

Now be it Known to all whome it may Concern that for A valuable Consideration to me in hand paid by William Henthorn of the County of Monroe and State of Ohio I do hereby Assign transfer and Convey unto him the said William Henthorn his heirs Assigns All my Right ["all my" Repeated after the word "Right" and struck out. REH] title Interest and Claim in and to the land Above Described and the Certificate aforesaid & all its Benefits And I do hereby Request that the patent for said half quarter Section of Land may be granted to the Said William Henthorn in his Name his heirs & Assigns forever in Witness Whereof I do Hereby Set my hand & Seal this 8th day January 1827.

In Presence of us
s/Jesse St. Clair Es?
Jesse Henthorn
Elijah Henthorn

The State of Ohio}
Monroe County}
Be it Remembered that on the 8th of January 1827 Personly [sic] came before me A Justice of the peace of said County the Above Named Jesse St Clair who Acknowledged the Signing And Sealing of the Above Transcript for the purpose therein Contained - Given under my hand & Seal the day & year Above Written

s/Nathan P. Henthorn {Seal}
A Justice of peace

Thereby that the within named Nathan P. Henthorn before whom the ? ? appears to have been acknowledged was at the date of said ? and now is an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the County of Monroe and that ? legal ? and proceedings as such are and ought to be respected.
Marietta 25th April 1827 s/ Joseph ? [illegible]
(Source: Reproduced at the National Archives - furnished by Betty (Goudy) Cronin)

Comment: Who were the Henthorn family members mentioned in this deed? They might have been siblings. William Henthorn might have been William Henthorn III, born Abt. 1796/1798 in VA and died Abt. 1875. He was the husband of Jane Alee. Witness Jesse Henthorn could have been William's brother, born 15 Jan 1803 in VA. Jesse married Hannah Jane Wright, Abt. 1828. Witness Elijah Henthorn might have been William's brother, born Abt. 1808/1810 in VA he married, Mary Ann Abt. 1836. And, the Justice of the Peace, Nathan P. Henthorn might have been William's brother, Nathaniel Henthorn, who had been listed with the initial "G." prior to this document becoming available. Nathaniel (Nathan), born 10 Jun 1800 married Jane Robinson. [Written by: Richard E. Henthorn 5 Aug 1998]

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