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Parsons, Vincent

Vincent Parsons

PARENTS: Henry Parsons and Elizabeth Berry

Problem: Was Absolum Parsons the son of Vincent Parsons? Were they the
Parsons of Greene Co., PA? Can anyone fit Absolum into the family tree?

Problem: How many children did Vincent Parsons have?

MARRIAGE: York County, PA Historical Society, Parsons' Notes, File #5354. Vincent Parons of Warrington married before 08 Jul 1780 to Miriam Garretson. They were married by a hireling teacher. Warrington Monthly Meeting dated 7/8/1780. (Furnished by Claude R. Burton)

CHILDREN: Eloyce Trader lists three unnamed descendants, one with no date of birth, one with a date of birth of 1798, and the 3rd with a date of birth of 1800. Other researchers have suggested that there were sons, William and Peter, but listed no particulars about them.

AKA: Eloyce Trader reports: Vincent Parsons was on the tax list in York Co., PA in 1781, 1782, and 1783. His name is recorded as Pearson, Pierson, Person, and Parson.

BIOGRAPHY: It is not known just when Vincent Parsons moved to Washington, Co., (now Greene Co.,) PA. He was on tax lists in York county in 1781,82,83,84.

In 1800 he was located in Morris Twp., Greene County, (1800 census)

In 1810 he was still living in Morris Twp. It is possible that in 1820 he was living in the household of Jospeh Parsons in Morris Twp.

The Gorby books states, that Henry Parsons (presumably a son of Vincent) was born in 1785, probably in Greene county.

From census record analysis it was concluded that Vincent's wife probably died sometime between 1810 and 1820.

Vincent Parsons was involved in several land transactions in Greene Co., PA early in the nineteenth century. The latest record found involved Vincent Sr. and Al & Joseph Parson in a land transfer to John Mattix.

Vincent's surname was sometimes recorded as: Pearson, Parson, and in a few cases as Pierson and Person.

Vincent and Miriam Parsons were witnesses to a land transfer in York county in 1787 by Henry Parsons to David Jones. (Furnished by Claude R. Burton)

CENSUS: 1800, in Greene Co., PA, Morris Twp.

Problem: Can anyone prove that Prudence Yoho was married to Vincent Parsons?

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