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Conger, Charles Atkinson

Charles Atkinson Conger

BIRTH: Film #: 170878, Page #: 433, Ordinance #: 21052
27 Mar 1836, Charles Atkinson Conger, Monroe Co., Ohio

MILITARY: 2nd Lieut. Charles A. Conger, 47th Inf., Co. B, commissioned 4 Jun 1864. (Source: History of Appanoose Co., IA, 1878, page 416 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

RECOLLECTIONS: War Letter Home Conveys Idea of Tense Situation
Taken from a letter written by Charles A. Conger, Co., B., 6th Kansas Cavalry, with Capt. E.E. Harvey's company:

Westport, Mo., August 4th, 1863.
Dear Folks at Home:
I heard from you a day or two ago by Mr. Fisher and the folks who arrived here safely -- they were rather unexpected visitors to some, but were no less welcome. I haven't much news of interest from the frontier -- but bushwhackers are numerous in this part of the country and our soldiers occasionally have a skirmish with them, but catching them seems to be almost an impossibility. There was rather a serious accident occurred a few evenings ago between two detachments of our soldiers who had gone to the rescue of a Mexican that was camped a short distance from this place and was being robbed by bushwhackers. Capt. Harvey went in command of the troops from this place -- when he got to the train he round it had just been robbed a few minutes before. He took the trail of the enemy and intended pursuing when a detachment of Federals -- about 200 -- came up from another way and mistook Capt. Harvey's men for the enemy (it being dark) and fired on their rear, creating a perfect stampede. Captain Harvey's horse fell with him or rather on him, hurt him pretty badly. There were several hurt and one killed. Capt. Harvey's men were nearly all Indians, and they all ran the first fire or it would probably have been more serious.

I suppose the people of Iowa have begun to come to the conclusion that the war will soon be over. -- Union people of this country have been made to rejoice since the late glorious victories we have had. I hope it will have a tendencey to hasten the dawn of Peace so earnestly desired by all Christian people, but still I do not see much prospect yet.

I have not received a letter from home for over two months.
Yours most Affectionately
C.A. Conger.
(Source: Early Pioneer Stories, p. 45, published by Appanoose County Genealogical Society - furnished by Joyce Posey)

MARRIAGE: 9 Nov 1865 to Margaret Liven Lowe
(Source: LDS, 28 Jan 1987, PV/M515781/1100 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Census: 1870, in Wayne Co., IA, Genoa, #2
Charles Conger, 34, merchant, OH; Margaret L., 25, keeps house, MO
Olive, 5, IA; John, 2, IA; George, 3/12, IA (b. March)
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

RESIDENCES: Abt. June 1870, Genoa, Wayne Co., IA. Genoa was established in 1855 about 6 miles south of where Seymour, Iowa was later located. The place was short lived compared to other communities. Perhaps the settlement of Seymour in 1871 and the coming of the Rock Island Railroad to that place caused the decline of Genoa as people moved there.

MARRIAGE: Charles Atkinson Conger to Abigail Clark, 35, on 2 Nov 1876 at Wayne Co., IA. (Not 3 Nov 1877) (Source: CFA Vol. II, page 714 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Charles Atkinson Conger wrote the following to Charles Leslie Conger, dated 1 Jan 1908 from Seymour, IA:

"Your favor of the 16th Ult (?) was duly received, am enclosing memoranda of my line of the Conger family. I was glad to know you had taken up this work, which was so ably conducted by our lamented relative, Charles G.B. Conger of Washington, DC, whose social, mental and generous qualities endeared him to all those who were fortunate in knowing him.

I knew him personally and intimately, and regretted exceedingly that he should be cut off in the midst of his vigourous manhood and usefulness. I spent the greater part of one winter at his home in Washinton, and had much pleasure in looking through his voluninous correspondence regarding the Conger family, and I feel pretty sure if I had undertaken this intricate task I would have been crazy long ago.

I was very glad to hear from you, and appreciate your generosity in undertaking so laborious a task, and hope you will be eminently successful, and the relatives may all interest themselves in contributing to your assistance." (Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 55 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Charles Atkinson Conger moved to Iowa in the year 1849 and located near Appanoose County. He graduated out of Duff's College, Pittsburgh, PA, in 1858 and engaged in the mercantile business. Soon after, when the Civil War broke out, he closed out the business and joined the Army of the Frontier, acted for a time as Independent Scout in connection with the 6th Kansas Cavalry; later appointed Sutler of that Regiment, but resigned that position, and returned home and assisted in raising Co. B., 47th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. He was commissioned on the muster in date of June 4, 1864 as a 2nd Lt. of that company, and served down on the Mississippi River in the region of Helena, AR until 28 Sep 1864 when the regiment mustered out at Davenport, Iowa upon expiration of the term of service (100 days). (Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 55 - Maxine Crowell Leonard and 1878 History of Appanoose Co., IA, Civil War Volunteer Roster - furnished by Joyce Posey, with modifications by Robert Guilinger.

CEMETERY: South Lawn Cemetery; Seymour, Wayne Co., IA;
Charles A. Conger, 1836 - 1922; Margaret L., wife of C.A., died Dec. 28, 1877,
Age 33 yr, 9 m, 7 d.; Albert, Oct. 11, 1871 - Feb 17, 1912; F. Walden, s/o C.A.
& M.L. Conger, d. Aug. 24, 1874, 9 m, 4 da.
[Note: Margaret L. Conger calculated birth date, 21 Mar 1844. REH]
[Note: F. Walden Conger calculated birth date, 20 Nov 1873. REH]
(Source: Wayne Co., Iowa Cemeteries Book 1846-1978 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

CEMETERY: South Lawn Cemetery; Seymour, Wayne Co., IA;
Charles Atkinson Conger, 1836 - 1922; G.A.R. Marker; Co., B. 47th Iowa Inf.
Masonic Emblem
(Source: Wayne Co., Iowa Cemeteries Book 1846-1978 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

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