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David and Mary Jennings Sell Land - 18140406

David Jennings and Mary Jennings
Sell Land
Fayette Co., PA
06 Apr 1814
Deed Book, Vol L, p. 224

Whereas the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did by Patent hearing date the twenty seventh day of Dec in the year of our Lord one thousand and seven hundred and ninety nine grant unto David Jennings a certain tract of land situated in Union and Menallen Twsp. in Fayette co. & commonwealth of foresaid containing fifty four acres of land called (Fear Tax) also one other patent for a tract of land adjoining the former called (Southhamption) clearing date the first day of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety two---

---Now this Indenture Wineforth said David Jennings and Mary Jennings his wife for and in consideration of three hundred and fifty dollars to them in hand will and truly paid by George Ebert Merchant of Uniontown the right whereof is hereby acknowledge, have granted bargained and sold and by these present do grant bargain sell release and confirm unto the said George Ebert his Heirs and Assigns the following described piece or parcel of land and premise being apart of the two tracts before described (To Wit) Southhampton and (Fear Tax). Beginning at a hickory tree in the line of George and Jennings the line running by George Ebert's land north twenty four degrees East fifty three perches to a post by the south side of the great Wad Thencer.. North sixteen degrees and a half East sixty nine Perches and eight tenths to large white oak stump corner of John Woodwards land thence by the same north seventy one degrees and a half west forty six perches and three tenths to a post thence by land of said David Jennings South four degrees east. One hundred perches to a post south nine degrees west. Thirty one perches and one tenth to Hickory, the place of beginning containing Seventeen acres and sixty eight perches of land strict measure with the principle and appurtenances there unto belonging as in any wise appertaining.

To have and to hold the before described tract of land of prunyes unto the said George Ebert his heirs It Assigns. .o.ery to the sale judgment ... Mortgage to incumber approved and aproved I think sufficient title thrust

In witness where of the granting have hereto set their hands and affixed their seal the seventy sixth day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fourteen.

Sealed and delivered
in the presence of
James Lindsay and
Richard Woodword.

Received the day of the dates of the
foregoing Indenture of the within
named George Ebert

David Jennens SEAL

Three hundred and
fifty dollars the
sum mentioned

Mary x Jennens SEAL

David Jennens

Teste(James Lindsay)

Fayette county-on the day of the date of the foregoing Indenture personally appeared David Jennings and Mary his wife before one of the Commonwealth Justice of the peace in and fore said county and acknowledged the foregoing Indenture to be their act and Deed --- said Mary having been previously examined separated and apart from her husband and the contents of this internal .. made known to her where upon she declared that she volentarly and of her own free will did sign of knowledge this instrument without any .... from her husband that it might be recorded as such given unto my hand and seal the same day. recorded and comla.ed 2. May 1815


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