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Lemley, George

George Lemley

RESEARCHER: Some of the data on the George Lemley family supplied by Mrs. Sue Heintzman.

Problem: Was the date of death, 1 Jun 1813 or 11 Jun 1813?

MILITARY: Served in the Revolution with Washington Co., PA Militia guarding against Indian attack. [No source citation.]
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Families, p. 234 - written by Minnie Louise Decker Gadea)

George Lemley was a pioneer settler of Greene County, Pennsylvania, locating on "Lemley's Plain," along Whiteley Creek in 1784 and at his "Shiver-de-Frise" plantation along Dunkard Creek, just north of the Mason-Dixon Line, in 1794. He married Catharine Yoho, and many of their descendants moved south to become prominent citizens of Monongalia County. (Source: "The Monongalia Story" by Earl L. Core, Chapter Ninety-three: 1869, p. 623 - (after A.J.W. Headlee) - furnished by Bill L. Yoho)

The history of the Lemley family has been recorded in, "George Lemley and wife Catherine Yoho and their descendants for two Centuries," by Alvah John Washington Headlee, 1975. He lived at 1326 Pineview Dr.; Morgantown, WV. [Note: This document can be found at the Library of Congress. WVU Library at Morgantown, WV and Greene County Historical Society in Waynesburg, PA. REH]

RESEARCHER: As of 1994, Janet Pickering; Phoenix, AZ was interested in the George Lemley family.

REFERENCE: "Chronicle of Core," 3rd Edition by Earl L. Core

REFERENCE: "Tenmile Country and It's Pioneer Families," Upper Monongahela
Valley, Pennsylvania, Vol. 7 page 57-59, by Howard L. Leckey

BIOGRAPHY: George Lemley
The most complete record of the Lemley Family has been sent to us by Mr. Fred Lemley, an attorney at Fairmont, W.Va. There are some questions still unanswered as to the origin of the pioneer George Lemley. One tradition states he served as a soldier at Fort Pitt, leaving the Army prior to the close of the Revolution, to settle in the vicinity of Fort Jackson. There he is said to have traded a great coat for a tract of land. Family tradition also says he was born in Germany about 1741, though it is possible he belonged to the family of that name that were early settlers in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, and may have been at Fort Pitt with the troops from that section. He or his family may have settled for a time in Salsford Township, Philadelphia County. It is definite that he served a tour of duty with Captain James Archer's Company of Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia in 1782, and a few years later got warrants for two tracts of land in what is now Whiteley Township, Greene County, and settled on a branch of Whiteley Creek, near the Franklin Township line. It appears that he was twice married, the second wife being Catherine Yoho. He died in Greene County on June 1, 1813, and his estate was probated June 29, 1813. (Source: "Tenmile Country and It's Pioneer Families," Upper Monongahela Valley, Pennsylvania, 1977 version page 430-431, by Howard L. Leckey)

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