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Power of Attorney - James and Dorcas Henthorn - 18150814

James and Dorcas Henthorn
St. Genevieve County, Territory of Missouri
Grant Power of Attorney
John Henthorn
14 August 1815

Know all men by these presents that James Henthorn of the county of Ste. Genevieve and Territory of Missouri, am seized in fee of part of a Tract of Land containing the quantity of three hundred acres (be the same more or less) situate-lying and being in Union township, Fayette county and state of Pennsylvania which said tract or parcel of Land is bounded as follows, to wit, on the northwestern side by the land formerly occupied by John Henthorn, on the North East by the land formerly occupied by the Widow Murphy, on the east side by land formerly occupied by Wm. Campbell and on the south by lands formerly occupied by Samuel Kendall - be the same bounded as it may - it being the same tract and parcel of land - descended to me as one of the legal heirs and representatives of same James Henthorn Senior, deceased -

Now know ye that the said James Henthorn and Dorcas my wife, have made, constituted and appointed by these presents do make constitute and appoint John Henthorn of the County of Monongahela, and state of Virginia, our true and lawful attorney, for us and in our names to lease, let, sell or demise in any wise appertaining and belonging to such person or persons, and for such a term, or number of years, and all, and under such yearly, or other rents as he shall see fit, or otherwise to sell and dispose thereof, either for life or lives, or to sell, grant and convey the same absolutely in fee simple. For such price or sum of money; and to such person or persons as he shall think fit and convenient; and also for us - and in our names to seal, execute, and deliver such deeds, conveyances, bargains and sales for the absolute Sale or disposal thereof, or any part thereof with such clauses, covenants and agreements to be therein contained as our said Attorney shall think fit and expedient; Hereby ratifying, confirming and allowing all such lease or leases, deed, conveyances, bargains - or sales which shall at any time hereafter be sealed and executed by our said attorney, touching or concerning the premises.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this fourteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and fifteen.

Signed sealed and delivered
in the presence of
Tho Oliver

s/James Henthorn
s/Dorcas (X) Henthorn

Territory of Mo
County of Ste. Genevieve
Personally appeared before the undersigned Notary public in and for the county of Sainte Genevieve duly commissioned and sworn as residing at the towne of Ste. Genevieve James Henthorn and Dorcas his wife and duly acknowledged that they and each of them signed and sealed and delivered the within letter of attorney for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.

In testimony thereof I have hereto affixed my notarial seal. Given under my hand at Ste. Genevieve the 13 day of Aug. in the year 1815.
Tho Oliver, Notary Public
Wafer seal
(Furnished by Raymond M. Bell)

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