Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Headley, Eliel - 1850-1860 Census

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., Jamestown, 59/59, 20 Jul 1850
Elile (sic) Headley, 39, m. farmer, OH; Rebecca, 31, f. OH
David, 14, m. OH; Susan, 8, f. OH; Margaret, 4, f. OH
Mary Ross, 16, f. OH
[Note: Eliel and Rebecca Headley were married within the year of the 1850 census.

According to Robert Guilinger, Eliel Headley was a widower with children. If this is true why don't these children appear in the 1850 census? According to Mr. Guilinger the children: David, Susan and Margaret in the 1850 census are the children of Rebecca McCoy and David Trembly. Mary Ross is Mary Jane Ross, the niece of Rebecca. REH]

Census: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 613/613, (P.O. Cameron), p. 90,
11-12 Jul 1860
Eli Hedily, 49, m. merchant, 2500/6000 OH; Rebecca, 41, f. domestic, OH
Susianna, 17, f. domestic, OH; Rachel Rebecca, 9, f. OH
Margaret A., 7, f. OH; Emma A., 6, f. OH
Margaret A. Trembley, 13, f. OH
[Note: Susianna was probably Susan Trembly, sister of Margaret Trembly. REH]

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