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Okey, George

George Okey

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: Was the place of 14 Apr 1836 marriage to Elizabeth Rucker, Monroe Co., OH or as listed by Janet Downing, Belmont Co., OH?

LAND: Deed Book C, Monroe Co., OH, 1838
Page 437 - Asa Forshey and Sarah, his wife, to Joseph Powers - attested to
10-3-1838, recorded 12-1-1838.
Page 438 - George Okey and Elizabeth, his wife, to Asa Forshey - attested
to 8-8-1838, recorded 12-1-1838 - witnessed by Woodman Okey, Andrew Farley.
(Fedorchak comment. George Okey was the son of Woodman and [his wife] Elizabeth was nee Rucker - see earlier volumes.)
Page 438 - Woodman Okey and Katharine, his wife, to Ass Forshey - 8-8-1838, recorded 12-1-1838.
[Three interesting transactions involving, Asa Forshey. REH]
(Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak, Vol. X, p. 98-99)

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Bethel Twp., 630/631, 21 Oct 1850
Woodman Okey, 58, m. farmer, $3600, Del.;
George, 34, m. farmer, OH; Edward, 26, m. farmer, OH;
Gordon, 22, m. farmer, OH; Thompson, 19, m. farmer, OH;
Nancy, 16, f. OH;
Cintha Sprague, 23, f. OH;
Woodman Okey, 6, m. OH; Charles Okey, 4, OH
[Note: Woodman Okey, age 6 and Charles Okey, age 4 were probably the sons of George Okey, age 34 whose first wife had died. His 14 year old son, Emanuel Okey was probably living with Edward and Mary Reed at 12/12 in Franklin Twp. His 10 year old daughter, Catherine Okey was probably living with Jason and Catherine Blake, at 196/196 in Seneca Twp. along with her maternal grandmother, Sarah Rucker. REH]

EMIGRATION: He went to California in 1850, prospecting and found some of the best mining in the state. He was still there in June 1852.

MILITARY: Served in Co. I, 4th California U. S. Infantry during Civil War as part of the Indian rebellion in Arizona.

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Elected Sheriff of Marshall County, California and served for 25 years.

EMIGRATION: "Thomps" and George Okey went to California during the Gold Rush, about 1850. George returned home in 1872, but in 1874 "Thomps" made an affidavit in Nevada City, CA. [His return is also mentioned in Vol. VII, p. 233 of Fedorchak's articles. REH] (Source: Monroe County Ohio Families, p. 234 - written by M. Louise (Decker) Gadea, submitted by Ramon A. Gadea)

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: Was the place of the 6 Apr 1876 marriage to Rachel A. Mann, Bethel Twp., Monroe Co., OH or as listed by Janet Downing, Belmont Co., OH?

CENSUS: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Bethel Twp., 73/73
George Okey, 63, OH VA PA; Rachel A., 42, w. OH PA OH
Sarah E. Cline, 23, OH OH OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

George Okey was born in Monroe county, Ohio, April 5, 1816. He is the son of Woodman Okey and Catherine Lemley. They both died in Monroe county.

Mr. Okey's wife was Rachel A. Mann, whom he married in Bethel township, April 6, 1876. Mrs. Okey was born in Belmont county, September 14, 1837. Her father's name was David Mann, and her mother's Sarah Johnson. They both died in Belmont county, Ohio.

Mr. Okey was engaged in the war of the rebellion; served in the 4th California Volunteer Infantry. His son was also in the service, in the 116th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

Mr. Okey was sheriff in Marshall county, California for twenty-five years.

Mr. Okey's son, Emanuel, was taken prisoner and kept in Andersonville until he was nearly starved to death before he was exchanged. He was blown up on one of the transports, and thrown into the water; he tried to swim ashore, but was so blinded by the explosion that he could not reach there and was captured.

George Okey, the subject of this sketch, was in the Indian part of the rebellion, and was most of the time in Arizona; went to California in 1850, prospecting. He found some of the best mining country in the State.

He has a farm in Monroe county of about eighty acres.

The first wife was Elizabeth Rucker, daughter of John Rucker and Sarah Jenning. Their children were: Catherine, born in 1841; Woodman, in 1845; Charlie, in 1846; Emanuel, October 12, 1837, died 1865.

Mr. George Okey, the subject of this sketch, in politics is a Republican and a true patriot to this country -- while he mourns the loss of his son was yet willing to lose all to save the government. He has traveled quite extensively, and still likes Ohio, the place of his birth. Has always been a hard-working man, and has become somewhat afflicted. Has seen all of the trials and vicissitudes of pioneer life in Monroe county for about fifty-five years.

Occupation, farmer and stock raiser.

Address, Masterton, Monroe county, Ohio
(Source: History of Monroe County, Ohio; H.H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882, page 30)

DEATH-CONFLICT: John Ogden lists the place of death as, Lebanon, Monroe Co.,

PENSION: The pension file on George Okey at the National Archives, Washington,
DC has a letter from Miami, Florida, dated 16 Jul 1919 - Rachel L. Cline sole heir and executrix of the will of Rachel A. Okey. Rachel A. Okey died in 1917 in New Smyrna, Florida. She had been 56 years of age in 1894. The records state that George Okey died in Monroe Co., Ohio, 28 August 1886. They were married, 6 May 1876 by Justice of the Peace, Mathew Warwick. (Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak, Vol. VIII, p. 95)

CEMETERY: Masterton Cemetery, at Lebanon, Monroe Co., OH, near the Washington County line.
George Okey, born April 5, 1816, died Aug. 28, 1886, 78 years, 4 months, 23
days, Civil War Soldier
(Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker
Fedorchak, Vol. IX, p. 264)

PROBATE: Will is recorded in Monroe Co., OH Will Book 3, 1886-1891, p. 15. (Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak, Vol. VII, p. 95)

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