Thursday, April 1, 2010

IGI & Ancestral File

I'm reviewing some floppy discs. I found two different kinds of genealogy files that I saved years ago when I spent some time at the LDS Family History Library in Kensington, MD. There are files extracted from the Ancestral File and files extracted from the IGI. I also found a program to read the IGI data. I wonder if I can find a printed copy of the 34-page documentation for the IGI program.

I created a new "Ancestral File" with RootsMagic and loaded some of the data I found on the floppies. Once loaded, RootsMagic can quickly "count the trees" in a file. This makes it possible to very quickly create on-screen reports of the various files I loaded into the one "Ancestral File" I created.
1/Apr/2010 8:36

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