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Joho, Johannas

Notes for Johannas YOHO (My RIN-465)

Problem: Johannas Yoho appears in the Ancestral File more than once: JGGH-Z1, BFCG-J2.

Denver Yoho wrote: It seems, from family traditions and records, that Johannas (Jonathan) Yoho was born in Alsace in 1712. Present day Yohos live in Switzerland and pronounce the name, Yoho. The name is spelled, Yoheaux in French and Joho in German and Dutch. He migrated to Philadelphia in 1738. In 1752 he was living near Winchester, VA. In 1761 he moved to an area of Virginia which would later lie in southwestern Pennsylvania (probably Greene Co., PA). By 1795 he was living in Ohio Co., VA, which is now Marshall Co., WV. He died there shortly after 1795.
(22 Apr 1988)

AKA: Johannas Yoho (Joho) is aka Jonathan and John.

CONFIRMATION: Johannas Yoho was confirmed in 1729.

Denver Clayton Yoho wrote: I believe, although there is lack of proof for all but three children, that Johannas Joho, (son of John Michael Yoho and Susanna Gelker of Sulzthal, Alsace) and his wife, Susanna Catharine Lau, daughter of Theobald Lau, are the parents of 11 children. I make this assumption from records and family traditions that I have acquired during my life time. Starting about 1958 I have devoted much of my time to research on the Yoho family. Johannas and Susanna had one or more children who were born and died before they came to America. Two daughters are recorded as being born in America. I believe they had at least 7 more children born in America. Family oral tradition from the descendants of brothers, John, Henry, and Jacob Yoho all claim that 3, 5, or 7 brothers came from Switzerland, Germany or Holland to Baltimore or Philadelphia and that they were wearing wooden shoes. Johannas Yoho was a wooden shoemaker in Alsace.
(22 Apr 1988)

Denver believes, as of May 1995, that this is the John Yoho who bought land near Winchester, VA in 1776 from Fairfax and sold it to Alex Mechir. His son, Henry, was born 18 miles from Winchester in 1752.

LAND: Land Transfer Document from Lord Fairfax to John Yoho - 19 Aug 1766 The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britian called Scotland Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

To all who this Present Writing shall come sends Greeting Know Yee that for good causes for and in consideration of the compostion to me paid and for the Annual Rent hereinafter reserved I have given granted and confirmed and by these presents for me my heirs and assigns do give grant and confirm unto John Yoho of Frederick County a certain tract of wood and ungranted land on Cedar Creek in this county and bounded as by a survey thereof made by Robert Rutherford

Beginning on the North Westerly side of the creek near the bank of the same at a locust and two young white oaks and extending N 42 W one hundred and twenty four poles by two white oaks on a level then S 49 W three hundred poles to a red oak and two chestnuts by a large rock stone on a high ridge then S 28 W fifty-six poles to a pine and white oak sapling by a steep bank of the creek a corner to Thomas Perry then with line the course continues forty-six poles in the line crossing the creek then N 48 E three hundred and thirty-two poles to the Beginning, containing two hundred and forty-six acres together with all rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging Royal Mines Excepted and a full third part of all lead copper tine coals iron mine and iron ore that shall be found thereon to have and to hold the two hundred and forty-six acres of land together with all rights profits and benefits to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining except before excepted To him the said John Yoho his heirs and assigns therefore yeilding and paying to me my heirs and assigns or to my certain attorney or attornies agent or agents or to the certain attorney or attornies of my heirs or assigns Proprietor of the Northern Neck yearly and every year on the feast day of Michael the Arch Angel the fee rent of one shilling sterling money for every fifty acres of land hereby granted and so proportionably for a greater or lesser quantity provided that if the said John Yoho his heirs and assigns shall not pay the said reserved annual rent aforsaid so that the same or any part thereof shall be ? and unpaid by the space of two whole years after the same shall become due if legally demanded that then it shall and may be lawful for me my heirs and assigns proprietors as aforsaid my or their certain attorney or attornies agent or agents into the above granted premises to enter and hold the same so as if this grant had never passed

Given at my Office in the County of Frederick under my hand and seal the nineteenth day of August, 1766.
(Furnished by Hugh L. Yoho)

LAND: 22 Jul 1771, Joho Yoho sells land to Alexander Machir
THIS INDENTURE made the two and twentieth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy one
BETWEEN John Yoho of the County of Frederick and Colony of Virginia of the one part and Alexander Machir of County and Colony of the other part,
WITNESSETH, that the said John Yoho for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings in Current money of Virginia; to him in hand paid by the said Alexander Machir at or before the sealing and Delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, Bargained and sold and by these presents doth Grant Bargain and sell unto the said Alexander Machir a certain Tract of Land on Cedar Creek in the said County and Colony above mentioned and bounded as by a survey thereof by Robert Rutherford;
BEGINNING on the northeasterly side of the Creek near the Bank of the same at a Locust and two young white oaks & extending N 42 W one hundred and twenty four poles by two white oaks on a level then S 49 W three hundred poles to a red oak and two Chestnuts by a large Rock Stone on a high ridge then S 28 E fifty six Poles to a pine and white oak sapling by a steep Bank of the Creek a corner to Thomas Perry then with this line the course continues forty six poles in the line crofsing the Creek then N 48 E three hundred and thirty two Poles to the beginning containing two hundred and forty six acres which said Land was given granted & confirmed to the said John Yoho by the Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax by a Deed bearing the nineteenth day of August Anno Domini one thousand and seven hundred and sixty six. Registered in the Proprietor's office in Book W, page 141 and all Homes, Buildings, Orchards, ways, waters, water Courses, Profits, commodities, Hereditaments and appurtenances whatsover to the said Premises hereby Granted or any part thereof belonging or in anywise appertaining, and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders rents issues and Profits thereof,
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the lands hereby conveyed and all and singular other the Premises hereby Granted with the appurtenances unto the said Alexander Machir his Executors administrator and afsigns from the day before the date hereof, for and during the full term and time of one whole year from thence next issuing fully to be complete and ended,
YIELDING AND PAYING therefore the rent of one pepper corn on ? day next if the same shall be lawfully demanded to the intent & purpose that by virtue of these presents and of the statute for transferring uses into pofsefsion the said Alexander Machir may be in actual Pofsefsion of the Premises and be thereby enabled to accept and take ? and Release of the reversion and
Inheritance thereof to him and his heirs
IN WITNESS whereof the said John Yoho hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.
(Source: unknown - extracted from a copy of the original by Hugh L. Yoho)

Virginia Tax Lists: Jonathan Yoho, 1795; Jacob Yoho, 1795; Peter Yoho, 1785, 1790, 1795; Henry Yoho, 1785, 1795.

Denver C. Yoho wrote: I haven't found any later record of Jonathan Yoho than the 1795 Virginia Tax List. Johannas Yoho, born 1712 in Alsace would have been 83 years of age in 1795.

Johannas Yoho was probably buried in an unmarked grave at the Yoho Cemetery, near Graysville, Marshall Co., WV. This cemetery is on the farm that was owned by Peter Yoho.

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