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Iven Garner Yoho Genealogy

Iven Garner Yoho Genealogy

Iven Garner Yoho of Hyattsville, MD who is staying this summer here on Fish creek, brought to the Echo office [Moundsville Daily Echo, Moundsville, WV] a monumental book, a history of the Yoho family that he has assembled. Included in it is material that various other families would find a rich mine of information.

As you go around this country, you find that the name "Yoho" is almost unique to southern Marshall county [West Virginia] -- you seldom run into Yohos elsewhere in ordinary travel.

Their history is summed on the front pages of this book: "Johannes Joho and Susanna Joho" (since in German "J" is pronounced as is "Y" in English, the name was pronounced as we do here, Yoho) came to America in 1738 on the ship Snow Two Sisters. Aboard ship were approximately two hundred Palatine passengers. It sailed from Rotterdam, last out of Cowes, England. "These passengers were qualified as Reformed Christians in Philadelphia September 9, 1738, thus forswearing allegiance to the Pope."

"John Yoho next appears at White Post, Virginia (half a dozen miles south of Winchester) where he received a land grant in 1766 from Thomas Lord Fairfax, proprietor of the northern neck of Virginia."

Born to John and (Susanna?) Yoho in or near White Post, Va. were:
  • Peter Yoho (1745-1833),
  • Henry Yoho (1756-1845),
  • John Yoho (date unknown),
  • Jacob Yoho (1765-1855), and
  • Catherine Yoho (date unknown) who married George Lemley.
"John Yoho Sr. sold his land at White Post in November 1771 to Alexander Murchis. I find no later mention of John Yoho the father. The children moved west to Whitely and Greene townships which later became Greene county Pennsylvania. At this time the area that was to become Greene county was claimed by Virginia as part of Ohio county, formerly West Augusta county."

"As mentioned above, Catherine Yoho married George Lemley. Jacob Yoho went north up the Ohio river (west??) and settled on the forks of Wills creek in Wayne township, Noble county, Ohio (near Caldwell). Peter, Henry and John after fighting in recorded battles at Ft. Henry ( formerly Ft. Fincastle) at Wheeling,

Ft. Redstone, now Brownsville, PA, Ft. Gerrard in Greene county, Beelers Station near McCreary's ridge in now Marshall county, served as scouts along with Lynn in the ill-fated Foreman massacre with the Wetzels, Lewis, Martin and John have gone unrecognized. Between 1792 and 1800 John, Peter and Henry settled in Marshall and Wetzel counties."

The Palatinate from which the Johos presumably came (there are loose ends to be tied together here) was territory along the Rhine river in Germany ruled by counts who were not only absolute rulers but also princes of the Holy Roman empire. Many people left there to get religious freedom: Many of these became the "Pennsylvania Dutch".

The book contains 65 pages of story, pictures, maps, copies of German records etc. and 84 pages of listings of genealogy.

Included is a copy of a deed from the Governor of Virginia in 1820 to George Yoho Sr. for land on Whetstone run in Ohio county (now Marshall county WV.)

Mr. Yoho's address while he is visiting here, is Box 27, RD 2, Proctor, 26055.

His home address is 5017 54th Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781.

Note: This is the newspaper clipping about Ivan Garner Yoho's book. It is from the "Moundsville Daily Echo," [Moundsville, WV]. The clipping was typed by Vernon Anderson. Unfortunately Mr. Anderson did not record the date of the edition of the newspaper. It is from around 1980.

Some white space, between paragraphs, was added by Richard E. Henthorn after he received the message via Email from Mr. Anderson. It is not known whether Mr. Yoho donated a copy of his work to a genealogy library.


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