Friday, April 2, 2010

Salvage Projects

When one of my laptops went bad I had a shop put some of the contents of the hard drive on a Kingston thumb drive. This was my first experience with a thumb drive. For some reason this thumb drive doesn't work with my old "limp-along" Gateway desktop computer. Yesterday I took the thumb drive along when I went to the Computer Club meeting. I didn't have any trouble reading the drive on the two available computers at the Senior Center. I was shocked to realize that much of what I thought was contents saved from the hard drive really wasn't worth anything. Many of the icons that appeared on the screen were just shortcuts to the things I really wanted. I think I spent quite a bit of money for very little content.

At any rate I did find two genealogy reports I created that might be of interest. One is for the Henry Winland family of Monroe County, Ohio. The other is a 23-page report for the John Michael Yoho family of the Ohio River Valley. I uploaded the two documents to my Microsoft Sky Drive. If anyone reading this is interested in these reports contact me and we will work out how I will share them with you.

Mr. Dickie
2/Apr/2010 9:36

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