Monday, April 5, 2010

Henthorn, Watson, Higgninbotham

Note: This is an extraction from an Email message sent by Rick Higginbotham to Dick Henthorn both members of AOL on 13 Apr 1996. I have always been interested in adding to the information we have about the links between these three families. I am certain that the Henthorns, Watsons and Jennings lived near each other in Fayette county Pennsylvania. I am no longer in touch with Mr. Higginbotham.

I am indeed working on all three of those names. Henthorn is fairly new to me and I don't have much in the way of documentary evidence, but here is what I have at the moment (off the top of my head, so don't hold me to the dates).

James HENTHORN b. abt. 1702 and wife Mary had Elizabeth HENTHORN.

Elizabeth married George WATSON and they had Sarah.

Sarah married William HIGGINBOTHAM abt 1778.

Sarah and William's grandson, Haymond HIGGINBOTHAM, married Mary D. WATSON b. 1815 (I Have exact dates for these folks and even a picture of Mary). Haymond & Mary lived in what is now Wetzel Co., WV for a good deal of their lives, but all of the earlier folks came from PA area.

I do not know Mary D. WATSON's parentage, but assume it is the same group of WATSONs.

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