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Henthorn, Adam

Sex: M:
Birth: 4 Apr 1780
Place: Pennsylvania
Death: 4 Apr 1867
Place: Hannibal, Monroe Co., OH
Burial: Apr 1867
Place: Hannibal, Monroe Co., OH, Harter Cemetery

Father: James HENTHORN II
Mother: Elizabeth UNKNOWN

Susanna RISHER - Abt 1810/1813


Henthorn/Bell has the birth date as: ABT 1782.

They lived in Monroe Co., OH and Allegheny Co., PA.

Adam Henthorn Synopsis

Adam Henthorn, a son of James Henthorn II, the original Monroe Co., OH settler, probably came to Monroe Co., OH in 1798 with his parents and two brothers, James and William D. Some claim that he does not appear on the 1820 census under his own name.

Census: 1820 shows families headed by: Adam Henthorne, over 45 years of age; John Henthorne, over 45 years of age; James Henthorne, over 45, but he also had four children under 10; and Margaret Henthorne over 45. Margaret had children who were born between 1804-1810.

He apparently did not purchase any land, but evidently shared with his brothers the land his father had settled in 1798.

18 Jul 1822 Appearance Docket 3, page 1. George Roush vs. Adam Henthorn, Daniel Kyger, Wm. Henthorn for debt. David Jennings Security.

Jun 1823 Journal 1, page 3. George Roush vs. Adam Henthorn, Kyger and Wm. Henthorn, appeal.
Record 2, page 23. George Roush vs. Adam Henthorn, etc. Debt. Gave bond for appearances by John Kyger. Plea "the writing obligatory in the declaration is not their deed." Plantiff collects small part.

In 1824, he was licensed to keep a tavern at his dwelling in the town of Clarington, OH. (1 Jun 1824, Law Journal 1, page 49)

1824, Journal 1, page 49. In favor of Adam Henthorn to keep a tavern at his dwelling in the town of Clarington, it appearing to the court that a tavern is need at that place.

10 Jan 1827, Appearance Docket 3, p. 82. George Rutter vs. Adam Henthorn, appeal in debt. Judgement set aside and discontinued at cost of plaintiff.

Jun 1827. George Rutter vs. Adam Henthorn. Appeal James Henthorn. Bail, Daniel Kyger. Adam Henthorn owed Rutter: $100 for work and labor, $100 for goods and merchandise delivered, $100 for money loan, $100 for money loan. Adam Henthorn by S. stokely comes and defends, denies, pleas statue of limitations. Jury called: David Myers, James Shaw, Peter Yoho, Benjamin Durkee, et. al. Non suit entered. Defendant recovers costs.

Aug 1827, Journal 1, page 139. George Rutter vs. Adam Henthorn. To meet at house of John Henthorn in Salem Twp. to negotiate.

On 30 Mar 1829, Adam and Susannah Henthorn sold to Isaac Baldwin, 160 acres. (Book C, page 34, Monroe Co., OH) Acknowledged by both in Monroe Co. 1829. Adam and Susannah Henthorn

By 1830 Adam and Susannah had relocated to Allegheny Co., PA and were in Pittsburgh. They did not appear again in the records of Monroe Co., OH until the late 1860's when they supposedly were living in Baresville, OH.

Census: 1830 in Allegheny Co., PA, Mifflin Twp., page 244
Adam Henthorn, 1 male 40 to 50; 1 female 10 to 15; 1 female 30 to 40

23 Apr 1830, Allegheny Co., PA. Grantee Vol. 40, p. 309 Daniel Risher and wife, Sally to Adam Henthorn for $240, 5 acres, 22 perches in Mifflin Twp. by lands of Daniel Risher and Samuel Hamilton. Recorded 11 Sep 1830. Jas. Cunningham, JP.

Jun 1830, Journal 2, page 7, Monroe Co., OH. James Henthorn vs. Adam Henthorn.
Discontinued at defendants cost.

1833, Record 2, page 130, Monroe Co., OH. Jas. Henthorn vs. Adam Henthorn. Judgement had been awarded James Henthorn, but Adam Henthorn appealed. Adam plead, no such promise made, even if he did, the statute of limitations was up. On consent case was discontinued at cost of defendant.

Record 3, page 130, Monroe Co., OH. James Henthorn vs. Adam Henthorn by Wm. C. Walton. said Adam Henthorn is not a resident of the county as he verily believes. Isaac Baldwin is indebted to Adam in sum of $1085. Adam owes James for work, labor, goods, moneys, etc. They tried to collect Adam's debt from Baldwin to pay James, and lessend the sum Baldwin owed Adam.

Dec 1839, Vol. 58, page 398, Allegheny Co., PA. Adam Henthorn, a trustee of the Smithfield Methodist Episcopal Church of Pittsburgh.

4 Feb 1848, Vol. 81, page 64, Allegheny Co., PA. David Chess, Jr. and wife Dorothee to Adam Henthorn for $365. Lot #2 in Jas. Patterson plan of lots formerly called, Sidneyville, and not Birmingham. On Carson St., 20 ft. 8 inches w. from Perry St., along Carson W 20 3/8 to lot #3 N 73 ft 20/32". Wit: John McKee, Wm. Kiddoo. John McKee Justice, Recorded 3/28/1848.

17 Nov 1849, Vol. 89, page 53, Allegheny Co., PA. Geo. P. Yest and wife Margaret, Mathias Rahns and wife Catherine to Adam Henthorn esq. of Pittsburgh for $1800. Lot #1 David Chess Jr. Plan. Corner Carson 7 Perry 20 ft on Carson to corner lot #2, N 80 ft, E 20 ft to Perry S 80 ft. Witnesses: W.B. Negley, R. Morrow.

25 Jul 1851, Vol. 99, page 217, Allegheny Co., PA. Samuel Scholefield and Sarah Tux to Adam Henthorn $700. Lot on Carson or Turnpike Rd 72 ft E. from Ormsby or Railroad St. on Carson E 24 ft, s 120 ft. to an alley 24 ft wide. B.O. Wood seal Oct 17, 1851

3 May 1852, Vol 102, page 130. Adam Henthorn, Birmingham and Susana to David Calhon, Mifflin, for $2500. 5 acres part of tract Joseph and Caleb Edmundson conv. to Daniel and Sally Risher from them to Adam Henthorn. Buris D. Wood JP.

1852, Vol. 122, page 311. Adam Henthorn, one of the administrators of the
estate of Noble Black. Wm. b. Hamilton, also an adm.

21 Mar 1855, Vol. 118, page 305, Allegheny Co., PA. Wm. B. Hamilton and Eliza to Daniel Risher. 92 acres, 22 perches coal rights to Wm. B. Hamilton by Samuel Hamilton, late of Mifflin Twp. in will, Sept. 30, 1846. Warrant May 10, 1788 James Irwin, deeded Apr. 5, 1808 to George and Elizabeth Roush, Pat. Bk. H. Vol. 9, page 462. They convey to Sam'l Hamilton. Note Roush connection and the 1820 debt in Monroe Co., OH.

21 May 1855, Vol. 118, page 303, Allegheny Co., PA. Adam Henthorn, administrator of the will of Daniel Reisher.

1 Sep 1863, Vol. 162, page 611, Allegheny Co., PA. Adam Henthorn and wife Susannah of Birmingham to David Morgan. $1200 Carson 72 ft, corner Ormsby, 24 ft up Carson, 120 ft to alley. Original gr. Ormsby to John and Sidney Page (she the daughter of Ormsby) to Chas. Bradford to Henthorn. James Salsbury JP. Oct 10, 1863.

5 Feb 1867, Will Book 14, page 139, Allegheny Co., PA. also Will Book 1, page 104, Monroe Co., OH. Probate April 29, 1867. Samuel Hofer, M. Mason, exrs. Adam Henthorn bequests:
  • Eleanor Morgan, daughter
  • Susannah Henthorn, wife
  • John J. Henthorn, nephew
  • Martha, Charles. and Washington, children of John J. Henthorn
  • Nimrod Henthorn, nephew
  • Cassie Ann, wife of Adam Henthorn
His tombstone, on a brick vault that he had built, in the Harter Cemetery shows he was born in 1780. Another extraction done at the same cemetery indicates that he d. 4 Apr 1867, age 87 years.

5 Aug 1870, Vol. 259, page 249, Allegheny Co., PA. Samuel Hofer and M. Monson exrs. of the estate of Adam Henthorn, to James Hammett and Ainsley C. Smith, to settle estate.
(Source: Synopsis prepared by Norma Henthorn with input from Betty Cronin)

Adam Henthorn's Will, Copy

This last Will and Testament of Adam Henthorn of the town of Baresville, Monroe
County and State of Ohio.

In the name of god I Adam Henthorn considering the uncertainty of this mortal
life and now being of sound mind and memory. I, Adam Henthorn do make and
publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows:

Item 1st to wit; All my just depts doctor bills, funeral expenses to be paid
out of any money that may be under my control, at the time of my death or as
soon as it may be convenient by my legal agent or my wife Susanna should she be
then living or the person that my wife may appoint to attend to her businefs
with the same power that she has.

Item 2nd I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Susanna Henthorn, all my
estate, real, personal or mixed, with that of any money that may be at my
control, at the time of my death, also all notes, books and book accounts, she
be for the use and support of her my said wife Susanna, during her natural
life, with full power to collect debts pay out money, as she may think proper
for her support or she may appoint an agent to do her businefs for her.

Item 3rd It is my will all my estate to remain in the hands of my sife, should
she live longer than myself, without any appraisement of property, or
administration on my estate.

Item 4th I give and bequeath the one third of all my estate real, personal and
mixed with that of any money that may be at my control at my death with full
power to dispose of it as she may think proper after both of our deaths our
personal property she may sell at any time after my death our real estate to be
sold, within one year after both of our deaths, at private sale, if the estate
is sold on payments, the money so collected may be paid out to the heirs as it
is collected, both of my heirs, and that of my wife's that are named in our
last Wills.

Item 5th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ellener Morgan two hundred
dollars out of my two thirds

Item 6th The balance of my two thirds of the whole estate that we may die
possessed of, is to be divided as follows, I give and bequeath, Nephew John J.
Henthorn, Martha his daughter, Charles and Washington his two youngest sons, to
them to have the one third of my two thirds, it to be equally divided between
them four here mentioned. I give and bequeath unto my Nephew Nimrod Henthorn
the one third of my two thirds of the estate that we may be possessed of, also
I give and bequeath unto Cassie Ann Wife of Adam Henthorn the same amount that
is given to Nimrod for the use and support of her family's comfort and support,
the same, any of our friends that may desire to be put in the vault with us if
there are room may do so.

In testimony thereof I do revoke all former Wills by me made. In testimony
whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of February in the
year of our Lord 1867.

I do appoint Samuel Hofer and M. Mason to settle up our estate after we are
both dead, with full power to sell and make good deeds for any of our real
estate that we may be possessed of at both our deaths, with full power to
collect any of the debts thas [sic] has or may accrue, with the same power that
I would of had if still living, all the interliving was before signing.
Adam Henthorn {seal}
Signed and acknowledged in presence of: J.A. Boice, N.E.Henthorn
The State of Ohio, Monroe County, SS:
I certify the foregoing to be a true copy of Adam Henthorn's Will admitted to
probate in the Probate Court of said County April 29th 1867
{seal} Witnefs my signature and official at Woodsfield, April 30th 1867
W.T Sinclair, Probate Judge.

Probate Court, Monroe County, Ohio, Woodsfield April 7th 1870.
Application to admit copy of Will to record.
This day came into Court Samuel Hofer and produced an instrument of writing
purporting to be a copy of the last Will and Testament of Adam Henthorn, late
of Monroe County, Ohio, deceased, and the Court being satisfied that said Will
had been duly admitted to probate in the Probate Court of said County, and that
the original Will with the record thereof, had been destroyed by fire in the
burning of the office of this Court with its contents on the 13th day of June
1867. It is therefore ordered by the Court that the copy of said Will be filed
and admitted to record in this Court and recorded therein, and notice of such
record be published in the Spirit of Democracy for three months, as required by
Attest: W.T. Sinclair, Probate Judge
(Source: Will Book 1, page 104-105, Monroe Co., OH)

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