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Samuel D. Buskirk Bible

Samuel D. Buskirk Family

Oliphant Buskirk born April 23th ...1821
Margaret Buskirk born September 11th ...1824
Eliza Jane Buskirk born May 14th ...1828
Mortimer Buskirk born July 26th ...1838,6
[Note: The ",6" does appear on the line above.]
Wilson Shannon Buskirk born March 22nd ...1841
Martha Williams born March 5th ...1803
wife of Samuel D. Buskirk
Marthanne Buskirk January 25th ...1848

January 28th 1877
Silvie M. McMahon Born January 11th 1879
Gracie McMahon Born May 24th 1880
Edith McMahon Born August 16th 1881
Cora Celeste McMahon Born February 3rd 1884
Evert McMahon Born July 31st 1887
Hazel V. McMahon Born Sept. 24 1891
Manford H. McMahon Born Dec. 13 1895
Leila M. McMahon Born Au. 1 1897
[Note: Leila's birth month illegible.]
Glenna E. McMahon Born May 12 1901
[Note: Glenna in line above was illegible.]
[Note: The two family groups above were on the same page.]

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Samuel Buskirk Born November the 29th 1763
Charity Buskirk Born May the 4th 1762
Nancy Hill....... October the 3rd 1785
Mary Buskirk..... July the 25th 1790
Elizabeth Buskirk ...January the 24th 1792
Hetty Buskirk........November the 13th 1793
John Buskirk.........Febuary...21 ...1795
Samuel D. Buskirk....Febuary...11 ...1797
William C. Buskirk...July......27 ...1800
Casander Buskirk.....June.......7 ...1803
[Note: Erased line appears here.]
George O.B. Knotts Born Sept...28= 1823

[Note: This is probably from the Bible of the Samuel D. Buskirk family which later was used, by someone, to record the family of his grandson, Wilson Shannon McMahon, b. 24 Dec 1853 in Adams Twp. Monroe Co., OH. Wilson Shannon McMahon was the son of Margaret Buskirk, b. 11 Sep 1824 in Monroe Co., OH and Joseph McMahon, b. Abt. 1817. Comments in [Square Brackets] added by the extractor, Richard E. Henthorn.]
(Source: Holy Bible, Published by Silas Andrus, 1830, Hartford - furnished by June Thompson)

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