Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Recent Projects

Because I installed the BlogThis! app on Firefox I'm now able to quickly post URLs of other people's websites to my four Google blogs. There's also a way to post URLs from my AOL Favorites into a blog posting. The difference in the two methods is that posting with BlogThis! I'm actually viewing the webpage of interest at the time I share the link.

I have devised a method of extracting textual information from a GEDCOM genealogy files using the EditPad Lite. Once I have the text I want in EditPad Lite I can paste it into the Google blog editor for posting to either of my two genealogy blogs.

One of the by-products of my recent project to assign numbers and labels to my twenty-eight Zip disks was that I noticed one disk contained HTML files . Some of the HTML is genealogy webpages prepared by others and one folder is copies of many of the HTML files from the genealogy website I had on AOL for many years. I did an experiment to determine what I would need to do to share some of these pages on my Google genealogy pages. I think some of the pages can be shared with very little editing.

Mr. Dickie

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