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"Conger Family of America"

Libraries Holding
Conger Publications
H. Maxine (Crowell) Leonard
(Donors Names in Parenthesis)

Note: If you are able to provide further information that would add to this list your input would be welcome. In particular, I would like to record the names of libraries holding copies of Volume Two. I'm also willing to add the names of individuals who own copies. Richard Henthorn owns copies of both Volumes One and Two.

Conger Family of America
Volume One

  • Los Angeles Public, Los Angeles (Maxine Leonard)
  • Vallejo Public (Dave L.)
  • Denver Public, Denver (John F. Conger)
  • Fort Collins Public, Fort Collins, CO
  • LDS Library, Colorado Springs (Maxine Leonard)
  • Connecticut State, Hartford
District of Columbia
  • Library of Congress (Maxine Leonard)
  • DAR Library
  • Atlantic Public, Atlanta ( Ledlie W. Conger & Ledlie W. Conger, Jr.)
  • Newbury Library, Chicago (Lauren T. Conger)
  • Indiana State, Indianapolis
  • Iowa Historical Society, Des Moines (Maxine Leonard)
  • Iowa Genealogical Society, Des Moines (Maxine Leonard)
  • LDS Library, Ames (Maxine Leonard)
  • NE Iowa Genealogical Society, Waterloo, (Maxine Leonard)
  • Jonathan Clark Conger House, Washington (Maxine Leonard)
  • Iowa State Historical Society, Iowa City (Maxine Leonard)
  • Oelwein Public, Oelwein (Violet Sims)
  • New England Historical and Genealogical Society, Boston (Maxine Leonard)
  • Michigan State, Lansing (1973 Conger-Gregation Cousins)
  • First Regional Library, Hernando, MS (James Frank Conger)
  • St. Louis Public, St. Louis
  • Jefferson Memorial, St. Louis
  • Kansas City Public, Kansas City (Maxine Leonard)
New Jersey
  • New Jersey State, Trenton
  • New Jersey Historical Society, Newark
  • Somerset County Library, Somerville (Clyde Conger)
  • Woodbridge Public, Woodbridge (1973 Conger-Gregation Cousins)
  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick
New York
  • New York Public, New York City
  • Onondaga Public, Syracuse
  • New York State, Albany
  • Buffalo Public, Buffalo (Norma Harvey)
  • Cincinnati Public, Cincinnati
  • Western Reserve, Cleveland (Eunice Halls and Peninsula Cousins)
  • Lyme Church, Bellevue (Maxine Leonard)
  • Preble County Historical Library, Eaton (Jack Daugherty and Maxine Leonard)
  • Justin Potter Library, Smithville (Fannie Conger Hayes)
  • Dallas Public, Dallas (Nanette Reichert)
  • Clayton Library, Houston (Keith Conger)
  • Southwestern Genealogical, El Paso (Maxine Leonard)
  • Salt Lake City Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City (Maxine Leonard)
  • Everton Publishers, Logan (Maxine Leonard)
  • State Historical Society, Madison
  • Ontario Genealogical Society, Ontario (Maxine Leonard)

"The Conger Family of America, Volume 1," is on LDS, microfilm #1307658, Item 2, and may be ordered for use at your local Family History Center.

Conger Family of America
Volume Two

District of Columbia
  • Library of Congress (Maxine Leonard)

The Conger Confabs
Quarterly Newsletters 1975-1994

District of Columbia
  • Library of Congress (Maxine Leonard)


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