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Most Wanted - Parents of Elijah Henthorn(e)

Most Wanted
Parents of Elijah Henthorn(e)

A long standing research question is, "Who were the parents of Elijah Henthorn(e) of Otisco, Clark co., IN?". Some researchers think he was the son of Robert and Mary (Nicholson) Henthorn. Norma L. Henthorn and Raymond M. Bell think he was the son of John Henthorn and Nancy Jane Garrison and that his grandparents were William and Jane Henthorn.

Here's some of the information that has been shared over the years.

Name: Elijah HENTHORN(E)
AKA: Eligah
Birth:15 Apr 1803 Wheeling, Ohio Co., VA
Death: 3 Sep 1896, Clark Co., IN
Burial: 5 Sep 1896 Otisco, Clark Co., IN, Otisco Cemetery
Probably Father of:
  • Louisa Henthorn--1833;
  • Miranda Henthorn--1838;
  • Matalida Henthorn--1839;
  • James A. Henthorn--1839;
  • Margaret Henthorn--1842;
  • Isabel Henthorn--1844;
  • Jane Henthorn-1845;
  • Sarah Henthorn-1847;
In the 1990 work of Norma L. Henthorn and Raymond M. Bell, "The Henthorn Family, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, with notes on Cresap and Quinn Families," page 12, they list Eligah Henthorn as a son of John Henthorn and Nancy Jane Garrison. Robert Henthorn who married Mary Nicholson Henthorn is listed as the brother of John Henthorn who married Nancy Jane Garrison. The father of Robert and John is listed as, William Henthorn who married, Jane. William lived in Ohio co., VA and Clark co., IN where he died in August 1823. Here's the family of John Henthorn:
  • John Henthorn b. ca 1776 d. ca 1855 m. Nancy Jane Garrison.
  • Lived in Licking co. Oh. and Clark co. Ind.
  • Issue:
  • 1. Isaih [sic] b. ca 1800 d. ca 1845 m. Anna Ceurry.
  • 2. Eligah b. 15 Apr 1803 d. 3 Sept. 1896 m. 1st Nancy; m. 2nd Mary Alstatt.
  • 3. Isabel b. ca 1808 m. Turner Campbell.
  • 4. Margaret b. ca 1809 d. 28 June 1855 m. Reece M. Reid.
  • 5. John b. ca 1827 d. 1 Sept. 1890 m. Olive M. Brooks.
  • Other children unknown.
In another typed, unpublished document, prepared by Norma Henthorn in May of 1958 she again listed the family of Robert Henthorn and did not list a son, Eligah. This document did not list the family of John Henthorn of Licking Co., OH.

Rose Caroline Henthorn claimed that her father, Elijah came to Clark County, IN when he was about 10 years old. Family notes indicate that he was a riverboat captain. His wife, Mathilda, was from Davenport, Iowa which might have been on his river route.

MARRIAGE: Marriage of Elijah Henthorn and Mathilda Burch on 5 Jul 1827 at Jefferson Co., IN is recorded in Book A, page 76. It is also listed in Indiana Source Book I "Jefferson County Marriages 1811-1831."
(Furnished by Florence Hunstein)

MARRIAGE: Marriage of Elijah Henthorn and Mathilda Burch 5 Jul 1827, Minister, C.W. Ruter. Gen. Cal. #929.30 (or 929.3D), John Paul Chapter G.A.R., Page 18, Jefferson Co., IN Marriage Records.
(Furnished by Alan F. Smith)

Census: 1850 in Clark Co., IN
  • Elijah Henthorn,
  • Mahalia 19,
  • Louisa 17,
  • (not legible) 13,
  • James A. 11,
  • Matilda 12,
  • Margaret 8,
  • Isabel 6,
  • Jane 5,
  • Sarah 3,
  • Joseph B. 30.
(Census data furnished by Florence Hunstein)

Marri: Batch #: 5000492, Sheet #: 42, Source Call #: Not Available
Elijah Henthorn and Mary Alstott, 30 Dec 1851, Charlestown, Clark, IN
QUESTION: Has anyone obtained the film of this record and read it?

MARRIAGE: Marriage of Elijah Henthorn and Mary Alstott. License was obtained on 30 Dec 1851 and the marriage took place on 1 Jan 1852. Recorded in Jefferson Co., IN records
(Furnished by Florence Hunstein)

MARRIAGE: Clark County Marriages 1825-1855 at the New Albany, IN Library,
Elijah Henthorn and Mary Alstott, License, 30 Dec 1851
(Furnished by Florence Hunstein)

Census: 1860 in Iowa
Robert Allstott, age 77 was listed with Elijah Henthorne.
[Note: Robert F. Allstott was the father of Mary Frances Allstott. REH]
(Furnished by Alan F. Smith)

Census: 1860 in Scott Co., IA, Winfield Twp.
  • Eligah, 50, b. PA, farmer;
  • Mary 35, b. IN;
  • James, 23, b. IN;
  • Alice, 12, b. IN;
  • Joseph, 10, b. IN;
  • John, 7, b. IA;
  • Mary, 4, b. IA;
  • Florence, 3, b. IA;
  • Sarah M., 3/12, b. IA.
[Note: If Eligah was 50 at the time of this census his birth year would have been Abt. 1810, seven years after 15 Apr 1803. REH]

It appears that the first four children of Elijah and Mary Frances Alstott Henthorne were born in Iowa and that Ella, the last of the four was born in that state Abt. 1860. The remaining four children born to this couple, beginning with William Spencer Henthorne, born 1 Mar 1863, were born in Clark Co., IN.

DEATH: Ray Alfred Stewart and Florence Hunstein found a death record for:
Elijah, age 93, on 3 Sep 1896 in Clark Co., IN.
Henthorn, Elijah; M W; 93; 3 Sep 1896; Otisco, IN, died of old age, born in VA, no parents names listed.
(Source: Death Record Book, Clark Co., IN, page 109, reference book H 23 15)

Otisco, July 22, [1896]. -- Elijah Henthorn is at the point of death and can not live but a few hours. He was born in Ohio, April 5, 1803,
[Note: the day of birth is listed as April 5th, probably an error. REH] and moved with his parents to this county when he was 13 years old. He lived in this county ever since, with the exception of ten years spent in Iowa.
(Source: National Democrat, 24 Jul 1896 - furnished by Florence Hunstein)

Otisco, Sept. 7 [1896] -- Mr. Elijah Henthorn was buried on Saturday at the Otisco cemetery. Uncle Lige was in his 94th year and had been a resident of this place for many years. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss. The children that lived in Iowa and New York did not arrive for the funeral.
(Source: Evening News, 9 Sep 1896 - furnished by Florence Hunstein)

According to Alan Frederick Smith this Elijah Henthorne is buried in the Otisco Cemetery at Otisco, IN. Alan states, "There is another Elijah Henthorn stone in a cemetery 5 miles east and a little south of Otisco, IN."
QUESTION: Who is the Elijah Henthorn buried at the location south of town?

Florence Hunstein reports that there is a large marker in the Otisco cemetery for Elijah Henthorne. It is believed that Mary Alstott is also buried there but the inscriptions on the stones do not show it. A photograph of the tombstone reveals an inscription that can clearly be read.
It states: "Elijah Henthorne, Born Wheeling, West Virginia, April 15, 1803, Died September 3, 1896. Erected by his devoted daughter Florence."
[Note: There is an "e" on the end of the name, inscribed on the stone. REH]


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