Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morgan and the Death Squad

T. Clifford Morgan
(Great-grandson of Thomas Scott Morgan)
Warsaw, MO

Thomas Scott Morgan had moved to Missouri as a strong supporter of Abe Lincoln. His support of Lincoln and his belief that the union of the states should be preserved soon got him into trouble with supporters of Gov. Claiborne Jackson.

After the union defeat at Wilson's Creek, many union men were shot by bushwhackers and many homes burned. It was during this time, that Morgan was in the greatest danger. One day, a large group of mounted and armed men rode into Morgan's yard. With guns drawn, they yelled for Morgan to come out. Phoebe and the young children wanted Morgan to hide somewhere. Instead, Morgan walked out on the upstairs porch. He gave the Masonic sign that he was in distress. It seemed that the leader of the rebels happened to be a Mason and this saved Morgan's life. The rebel leader yelled "Don't shoot that man, if he is shot, I will shoot the man that shoots him." He lowered his gun and galloped his horse out the yard gate. His men followed and they quickly disappeared in
to the timber.

His wife asked him, "Why did the men ride away without any shooting?" Morgan's reply was, "I guess that they changed their minds." He never disclosed any secrets of the Masonic Fraternity.
(Typed for the Henthorn/Bolerjack project by Diane (Black) Wilson.)


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