Monday, September 21, 2009

Posting Wills To My Obits Blog

Today, 21 Sep 2009, I began a project to post some of the Wills that used to be available on my now defunct AOL genealogy website to my Google Obits blog. Each document will be posted as a separate blog entry. I have an HTML editor that I can use to strip the HTML code from the archived Will files to get them ready to post on Google.

The steps to recover each Will aren't too complicated. I think I should be able to post two or three Wills each time I work on the project.

When I originally created the files I used the date of the Will to name the file. You'll see that file name listed at the bottom of each posting if I remember to add it.

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Mr. Dickie said...

On 23 Sep 2009 I finished the project to post the fourteen Wills to my Obits Blog. These documents were last available on the Internet in October 2008. Thank you Google for making it possible to again share this interesting information.