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The Winland House - Sunfish Creek, Monroe Co., OH

Jacob Winland, a brother of Joh[n], built the first water-operated grist mill in Center Township on Sunfish Creek and in the northwest quarter of section #25 (T-5, R-5) - before the township was erected. It became the "Minor Mill" and stood on land of Theophilus, Sr., and then Robert and Rachel Minor. Theophilus Minor, Sr., (May 26, 1770-Mar. 2, 1851), one of Center Township's earliest settlers, was the son of William and Frances (Phillips) Minor and descended from Thomas Minor (1608-1690) who came to America and the Virginia Colony about 1630. Minors erected a mansion near Natchez, Mississippi. Located off U.S. Route #61 & just south of Natchez, those "Antebellum Houses" have a lasting appeal and their location is now a National Point of Historical Interest. I believe I was informed that the Minor Mansion is being restored.

An accomplished millwright, Jacob Winland erected three mills on Sunfish Creek before his death. Jacob (1773-Nov. 20, 1821) and Margaret [Driess] Winland (1777-Apr. 19, 1821) made the first payment on the northeast quarter of section #31 (T-5, R-5), Feb. 5, 1811, the final payment, Jan. 21, 1818, and their government land patent for 122 47/100 acres ($244.94) was dated, June 3, 1818. Jacob built a water-powered grist mill in this quarter section of land & on Sunfish Creek. Robert Clingan (Apr. 8, 1817-June 4, 1895) later erected a large frame mill structure on the same site. Clayton Christman now owns the land it stood on.

Jacob Winland also erected a water mill on Sunfish Creek and in the northwest quarter of Center Township's section #31 (T5, R-5). Stephen Cisne assigned this land to Jacob Winland. The first payment to the government was made, July 5, 1825 [sic, First payment date can't be before the last payment date. REH]. The final payment wasn't made until, Apr. 4, 1825, some three and one-half year's [Shouldn't this say, "four and one-half year's"? REH] after Jacob's death [Nov. 20, 1821], & the patent deed was dated, Aug. 25, 1825. This mill was later owned by Jacob Pfalzgraf (1833-Feb. 4, 1873) - a son of George Michel, Jr., (Aug. 24, 1809-Jan. 2, 1867) and Elizabeth (Diehl) Pfalzgraf (July 12, 1808-July 17, 1883). Jacob Pfalzgraf drowned in the mill dam, Thurs., Feb. 4, 1873. I recently readof his drowning in the Feb. 11, 1873 issue of "The Spirit of Democracy." The item gives no particulars.

On Tues., Mar. 26, 1811, Mary Winland (Feb. 24, 1796-Dec. 22, 1867) [Researchers are not in agreement on either the birth or death dates. REH] a daughter of Jacob & Margaret Winland, was married to Peter Palmer (Sept. 30, 1789-Apr. 6, 1863) [Researchers are not in agreement about the date of birth. REH] by Levin Okey, Esq., (1761-June 21, 1829), a Revolutionary War Veteran, and in the following month, Apr., 1811, Peter & Mary moved into a log cabin on Sunfish Creek and in section #25 (T-5, R-5).

Margaret Winland died, Apr. 19, 1821, and Jacob married again within a few months. Jacob died the same year, Nov. 20, 1821, and Sarah [Ann], his second wife for a short time, later married Abraham Davis. to be continued.
(Source: Early Area Histories - Historical Sites & Structures, by Clyde Decker, Jerusalem, Ohio 43747 - published in The Spirit of Democracy - Woodsfield, Ohio, Nov. 13, 1981 - Vol. 138, No. 45; republished on page 228 of: Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio, Volume V by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak)

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