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George Washington Yoho

George Washington Yoho

Problem: George Yoho appears in the Ancestral File more than once: 1QDK-HP, JGGM-JB.

BIRTH: George W. Yoho was born in VA/WV.

OCCUPATION: George W. Yoho was a farmer.

Problem: Was he born, 30 Apr 1789, Abt. 1784 (96 in 1880 census), 1790, or Abt. 1794?

Census: 1850, in Wetzel Co., VA (now WV)

  • George Yoho, 60, m. VA, farmer, $1665; Sarah, 43, f. PA
  • John, 23, m, VA, farmer; Rachel, 21, f, VA; Mary Ann, 19, f, VA
  • Rebecca, 16, f, VA; Eliza, 14, f, VA; Margaret, 11, f., VA
  • Kathrine, 9, f. VA; George, 8, m. VA; Nancy, 4, f. VA

Census: 1860, in Wetzel Co., WV, 749

  • George Yoho 66 VA Farmer
  • Sarah (Cook) 52 VA
  • Margaret 21 VA
  • Catherine 19 VA
  • George 16 VA
  • Nancy 14 VA

CENSUS: 1880, in Proctor, Wetzel Co., WV, FHL File 1255425, Natl. Archives Film T9-1415, Page 76C

  • George Yoho, 96, VA VA VA
  • Sarah, wife, 72, PA MD MD

(Furnished by Larry McCullough)

RESIDENCES: George W. Yoho lived on Paugh Ridge near the Antioch Church in the area of Proctor, Wetzel Co., WV. He is buried in the Antioch Church Cemetery.

Source: "Ohio Valley Richmonds" - Millard Dunham sketch Wetzel Co., WV History 1983 - Goddard family history.

Denver Yoho writes: There are two men named George Yoho buried in the Antioch Cemetery. This George Yoho was called, George Sr. to distinguish him from the other George Yoho who was called, George Jr. George Jr. was the son of George Yoho senior's cousin, Henry Yoho and Annabelle Buchanan.

Some Confusion

Denver Yoho writes: Millard Dunham says there was another daughter, Polly, who married Daniel Finch. But other reliable records show that Mary Yoho, daughter of Jacob Yoho and Margaret, married Daniel Finch. George Yoho of this family, and Jacob above, were first cousins. The Mary Yoho who married Daniel Finch is said to be buried on the George Yoho farm and this would give credence to Millard Dunham's statement. Daniel and Mary's son, Jacob Finch, married Mary Yoho the daughter of Lewis Yoho and Eleanor Cooper. There also could have been a third Mary (Polly) Yoho who married a Finch.

Sarah Yoho (mother of Alva and Elizabeth Goddard) and Mary Yoho (who married Daniel Finch) were daughters of Jacob Yoho and Margaret. All this inter-marriage may have confused Millard Dunham as he remembered his ancestors.

CEMETERY: Tombstone at Antioch Christian Church Cemetery, Wetzel Co., WV reads, in part: GEORGE YOHO; DIED; Jan. 31st. 1881.
(Source: Photograph furnished by Darlene Bacon)

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