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James Henthorn, II of Monroe Co., OH

James Henthorn, II

COMMENT: James Henthorn, II, was the starting person in the PAF file of Richard E. Henthorn that he named, "pafjam" when he was using PAF 2.31 to record genealogy.

PARENTS: James Henthorn and Mary

BIRTH: 1735, Baltimore Co., MD, or Abt. 1741 in an unknown place
DEATH: Abt. 1818 in Newport Twp., Monroe Co., OH

COMMENT: The Ancestral File shows, b. [1731] and calls him, Jr.

BIRTH-CONFLICT:  Some say he was born in Baltimore, MD and others in PA.

1772        - taxed in present Fayette Co.
1782        - signed petition for new state
1785 Jun 21 - adjoinee to Mordecai Chalfant, Menallen Twp.
1790        - census 2 3 0 Menallen Twp, Fayette Co., PA
(Norma Henthorn states that, the James Henthorn in Menallen Twp. is probably the son of James I, and the father of the Monroe Co., OH Henthorns)
1792        - taxed in Ohio Co., (W) VA
1796        - in Monongalia Co., (W) VA
1799        - to now Monroe Co, OH; then Washington, later Belmont Co., OH
1800        - taxed Newport Twp. Washington Co.
1804 abt    - died, Administration Papers, Bk O, p. 33, Belmont Co., OH

MILITARY: He served in the Washington county, PA militia during the Revolutionary War, in the 5th Battalion, under Capt. George Myers.

RESIDENCES: James Henthorn II and his brother John Henthorn, the lesser, moved into western Pennsylvania and settled on adjoining farms in Fayette county near Uniontown, PA. They were among the first white settlers in the area.  Both had large families.

RESIDENCES: James II and his family also lived in Monongalia Co., WV for a while before moving to Monroe Co., OH in 1798.  He is considered to be the original Henthorn settler in Monroe Co., OH.

James is mentioned in the Hardesty History, which states, that he came from the Fort on Wheeling Creek where he had been when Boggs was killed on Boggs Island by the Indians.  The names of the children are given as: James Jr., John, Henry, William, Adam, Ann, and Mary.  It also states that James Jr., married Nancy Bowen in Salem Township in 1800 and William married Susan Parrott in Monroe Co. in 1807.

PUBLIC_SERVICE: James Henthorn Justice of the Peace
Robinson and Mary (Davis) Ross were married on 11 Mar 1804 by Revolutionary War veteran, James Henthorn, Sr., who was a Justice of the Peace in the township of Salem - then Belmont county.  James Henthorn, Sr., settled at the mouth of Sunfish Creek about the year 1798 or 1799.  His sons were John, Henry, Adam, William, and James, Jr.  He had daughters Ann and Mary.

At the time of these early settlements, Ohio was divided into Territorial Counties and Henthorn's settlement was in Washington County, which was proclaimed by Gov. St. Clair July 27, 1788.  Belmont was proclaimed Sept. 7, 1801, before Ohio was a state.  The first seat of justice for Belmont County was Pultney, in Pultney Township, which was one of the original townships, of Belmont County and erected Nov. 25, 1801.  St. Clairsville was laid out in 1801 by David Newell and was called Newellstown for a time before the name was changed to St. Clairsville in honor of Arthur St. Clair who was a cousin to Newell.  St. Clairsville became the county seat in 1804.

On Feb. 24, 1802, the house of James Henthorn, Sr., at the mouth of Sunfish Creek was selected as the location for Salem Township elections (of Belmont County) to be held.  Salem Township then contained about three-fourths of  Monroe County's lands.  When Monroe County townships were erected, the name Salem was retained for one.  The first marriage within the boundaries of the present Salem Township was that of James Henthorn, Jr., and Nancy Bowen in the spring of 1800.  Justice of the Peace, David Ruble, married John Prebel and Susan Archer Dec. 3, 1804.  William Henthorn married Susan Parrott of Well's Bottom, Virginia, in 1807.

The settlement at the mouth of Sunfish Creek went by the name "Sunfish" for a while.  Then the farmland was willed by James Henthorn, Sr., to his son William.  He sold to David Pierson, Sr., and on Sat., June 22 1822, David had the land surveyed and laid out a town which he named "Clarinda-town" for his daughter.  Clarinda Pierson was born Oct. 7, 1820, and on May 5, 1847, married Thomas H. Ford who was born Dec. 4, 1817.  Clarinda died Oct. 8, 1892 and Thomas joined her June 12, 1893.  David Pierson also laid out Miltonsburg, in Malaga Township, in 1836.  He named it for his son, Milton.

David Pierson and Elam Patterson established a store at the mouth of Sunfish around 1815.  On June 19, 1824, William D. Henthorne was granted a license to operate a ferry across the Ohio River at that location.  William Walton obtained a license to operate a tavern at Clarindatown in April of 1827.  Jesse Rich obtained a tavern license at "Clarindatown" (Clarington) Mar. 30, 1831.

In 1824, a post office was opened at the mouth of Sunfish Creek and was called "Sunfish" for a time.  Asahel (Apr. 17, 1778 - Mar. 21, 1858) and Bethiah (Fairchild) Booth (Oct. 26, 1787 - Mar. 30, 1868) were the first to operate it.
(Source:  Clyde Decker, Spirit of Democracy, Friday, 26 Sep 1980, p. 5; article provided by Gordon W. Paul)

HISTORY: Early History of Monroe Co., Ohio
Squatters began settling on Congress land in Salem Township, Monroe Co., Ohio along the Ohio River and especially near the mouth of Sunfish Creek as early as 1798-9.  James Henthorn and his children, James, John, Henry, William, Adam, Ann and Mary were the first settlers.  He and Charles Atkinson were most likely the first to occupy lands where Clarington, OH now stands.  William Powell, who settled on the point at the mouth of the creek, operated a ferry service during the year of 1802.  Jonathan Rutter settled on the land on Gardner Run that later became the town of Walton and years later was incorporated into the town of Clarington.

The area where Clarington now stands was a natural site for a shipping port and town.  For the first twenty years it was simply known as the "Mouth of Sunfish" or "Sunfish."  James Henthorn willed his land to his son, William, who sold it to David Pierson.  In 1822, David Pierson laid out the town of Clarington, naming it after his daughter, Clarinda.
(Source:  Monroe County a History by Theresa A. & Stanley B. Maienknecht)

LAND: Ohio County Court House, Wheeling, West Virginia, Abstract of Deed Book 7 - Page 328:
10 Feb 1812.  James Henthorn bought for 25 pounds, 239 acres on the waters of Middle Wheeling Creek.

CENSUS: 1800, Washington Co., OH, Newport Twp (which later went to form Monroe County in 1820) shows James Hinthorn, James Hinthorn, Jr. and John Hinthorn.

Samuel Buskirk and James Henthorn of Belmont County Applies for the purchased of the Southwest Quarter of Section 9 in Township 5 of Range 5 Containing 160 01/100 Acres at two dollars per acre and Produces Receivers Receipt No. 834 of this date [March 22, 1815] for $80 001/2/ full for the first Instalment of the purchase money for this quarter Section and Certificate thereof No. 340 was granted same day to said Samuel and James.
(Source: Vol. 1 of series 60 of Marietta Land Office Records, p.188 - furnished by Willa M. Craig and Patricia Grimm)

TAX_LIST: for 1818, for Monroe Co. shows listings for James Henthorn, Sr.; James Henthorn, Jr.; and two women, Margaret Henthorn and Elizabeth Henthorn.

CENSUS: 1820 shows families headed by
Adam Henthorne, over 45 years of age;
John Henthorne, over 45 years of age;
James Henthorne, over 45, but he also had four children under 10; and
Margaret Henthorne over 45.  Margaret had children who were born between 1804-1810.

The Hardesty History states that the site of Clarington was willed by James Henthorne to his son William, who in turn sold it to David Pierson, who laid out the town of Clarington, in 1822.  Clarington was named after Clarinda, the daughter of David Pierson.

LAND: Town of Clarington surveyed for David Person (this name is also Pearson or Pierson) 22 Jun 1822 - addition to the town of Clarington by Ephraim and Thomas Pollack - 34 lots, made in 1839.
(Source:  Monroe County Ohio Deed Book A, page 131 - found in Fedorchak, Vol. X, page 176)

Problem:  Some give the date of birth as 1735 and others as 1739.  The DAR application of Opal (Martin) Hankins gives the dates as: b. 1735, d. 1818 at Newport Twp., Monroe Co., OH.  Jan Jennings and Delbert Henthorn use, b. Abt. 1738 and d. 1804 Belmont Co. OH. [Belmont Co., is today Monroe, Co.]

It is reported that he was married twice.  The name of the first wife was Nancy Collins.  The second wife's first name was, Elizabeth. Delbert Henthorn states that his 1st wife was dead by 1790 and his 2nd wife was named, Elizabeth.

ORGANIZATIONS: Daughters of the American Revolution Membership
DAR Information:  James Henthorn is one of 2 Henthorns that can be used for application for membership in the DAR as of Sep 1992.  He appears on page 100 of the DAR Patriot Index, Vol. II as: Henthorn, James, b. 1735, d. 1818, m. Elizabeth, Pvt. PA.  Members accepted because of relationship to James are: 596129, Opal (Martin) Hankins and 612304, Loretta Lea (Henthorn) Ohman.  Member 719082, Virginia (Rosenau) Esh,  uses James as a supplemental qualification for membership.

Mrs. Hankins application stated: My ancestor's services in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the War of the Revolution were as follows:  Private, Third Class, Capt. George Mire's 1st Co., 5th Battalion, Washington Co. Militia, PA., according to the evidence of a Court of Appeal, dated April 8, 1782. (Military Accounts (Militia) Records of the Comptroller General, at the Div. of Archives & Manuscripts.  Bethlehem Township, Washington Co., Pennsylvania.)

CENSUS: Index to the 1820 Ohio Census shows the following Henthorns in Ohio.
Last,First,MI            Page      Cty       Twp
Henthorn, Adam           121       MNR       SAL
Henthorn, Delila         007A      PER       THO
Henthorn, Elij           007A      PER       THO
Henthorn, Geo            106A      PER       HRN
Henthorn, James          122A      MNR       CEN
Henthorn, Jas            007A      PER       THO
Henthorn, John           006A      PER       THO
Henthorn, John           121       MNR       SAL
Henthorn, John Jr        016A      LIC       WAS
Henthorn, Joseph         121       MNR       SAL
Henthorn, Margaret       122A      MNR       CEN
Henthorn, Rachel         007A      PER       THO
Henthorn, Wm             120A      MNR       SAL
Henthorn, Wm             123A      MNR       CEN
[Note: MNR = Monroe; PER = Perry; LIC = Licking; REH]
(Furnished by Betty Cronin)

Henthorn, James, 15 May 1804, Belmont, R3, T3, S19
Henthorne, William, 17 Aug 1809, Belmont, R3, T3, S19
Henthorne, Adam, 25 Feb 1812, Belmont, R3, T2, S36
Henthorn, James, 12 Aug 1813, Belmont, R5, T5, S1
Henthorn, James, 30 Mar 1814, Belmont, R4, T4, S31
Henthorn, James, 5 May 1814, Belmont, R5, T5, S8
Henthorn, William, 5 May 1814, Belmont, R5 T5, S33
Henthorn, Adam, 10 Nov 1814, Belmont, R3, T2, S36
Henthorn, James, 22 Mar 1815, Belmont, R5, T5, S9
Henthorn, John, 10 Apr 1816, Monroe, R5, T5, S8
Henthorn, William, 10 Apr 1816, Monroe, R5, T5, S8
Henthorn, William, 3 Sep 1816, Belmont, R5, T5, S26
Henthorn, Adam, 26 May 1817, Monroe, R3, T2, S36
Henthorn, James, 26 Aug 1818, Monroe, R5, T5, S2
Henthorn, Adam, 5 Feb 1819, Monroe, R4, T4, S7
Henthorn, William, 25 Apr 1827, Belmont, R4, T4, S1
Henthorn, Abraham, 9 Jun 1836, Monroe, R5, T4, S12
Henthorn, Adam, 5 Apr 1836, Monroe, R4, T2, S27
Henthorn, Elijah, 16 Dec 1836, Monroe, R4, T3, S17
Henthorn, James, 6 Aug 1836, Monroe, R6, T4, S15
Henthorn, James, 5 Dec 1836, Monroe, R4, T2, S15
Henthorn, Nimrod E., 28 Nov 1836, Monroe, R3, T 2, S30
Henthorn, Andrew, 2 Oct 1838, Monroe, R3, T2, S28
Henthorn, Andrew, 12 Mar 1839, Monroe, R4, T3, S4
Henthorn, Andrew, 12 Mar 1839, Monroe, R3, T2, S28
Henthorn, Elijah, 17 Jan 1837, Monroe, R4, T3, S10
Henthorn, James, 19 Jun 1837, Monroe, R6, T4, S15
Henthorn, James, 4 Mar 1840, Monroe, R6, T4, S14
Henthorn, Jesse, 19 May 1837, Monroe, R5, T4, S4
Henthorn, John L., 8 Apr 1837, Monroe, R6, T4, S21
Henthorn, John L., 27 Dec 1838, Monroe, R7, T5, S9
Henthorn, John L., 3 Apr 1840, Monroe, R7, T5, S9
Henthorn, William, 24 Apr 1837, Monroe, R4, T2, S28
[Note: Part of what later became Monroe Co., OH was in Belmont Co., OH until 1815.]
(Source:  Early Ohio Settlers Purchasers of Land in SE Ohio 1800-1840, pages 78, 108 - furnished by Betty Cronin; page 15 furnished by Joyce Posey)

HISTORY: Early History of Salem Township, Monroe County, Ohio
Salem Township was organized on July 19, 1815.  Although not at an earlier date, the larger settlements were made in this township.  This is attributed to the fact that Sunfish Creek, the largest creek in the county, was in Salem Township and furnished a great attraction to the settlers.

Below the mouth of Opossum Creek, a settlement was made by Cornelius Vandevanter prior to 1802.  At about the same time, John Vandevanter and the Hurd's settled on the farm owned by Vachel Gamble in 1880.  Thomas Howell settled on the farm owned by Levi Baldwin in 1881.  A few years later, Francis Martin settled about a mile up the creek.  His son, John Martin, Esquire, still owned the land in 1881.  William McLain, Aaron Howell, and Martin Boughner also settled along the creek.

In 1798 or 1799, James Henthorn settled at the mouth of Sunfish Creek after moving there from the old fort on Wheeling Creek.  His children were as follows: James; Henry; William; Adam; Ann; and Mary.  He made improvements where Clarington now is located.  At the same time, Charles Atkinson cleared 15 acres which later was known as the W.H. Mallory farm.  In 1802, Alexander Newlen cleared 10 acres on the Joel Yost farm.  Other settlers included Elijah Johnson; James Scott; Robert Baldwin; James Walton; and Jonathan Rutter. William Powell settled at the mouth of Sunfish Creek and kept the ferry.  The following persons settled along the valley of the creek in the order given: John Vandevanter; Peter Vandevanter; Andrew McKee; William McCoy; Joseph Blare; Matthew Brown; Richard Cain; and Samuel Buskirk.  David Howell, Reuben Redman, and Reuben Sturgeon lived on the hills near the mouth of the Creek.  Other large settlements were made by the Bowen family; the Roby family; the Twible family; the Preble family; the Gilmore family; the Davis family; the Ross family; the Watson family; the Jones family; and the Kyger family.  These settlements furnished settlers for many other parts of the County -- especially further up the creek and on Will's Creek.
(Source: page 12 of an unidentified type written book - furnished by Wayne F. Koontz)

TAX_LIST: Henthorns Living in Monroe County, Ohio in 1827
1827 Monroe County, Ohio Tax Records
Elijah Andrews, Auditor, Monroe Co., OH, 1 Sep 1827
Extracted by Rita Bone Koop

ADAMS TOWNSHIP: Total of 40 taxpayers, Township of Adams being Township No. 4 & 5 of Range 5, one part in No. 3 & 4 in Range 4.
Henthorn, James "Lame," R5,T5,S1, NE, 157 acres, Value $214
2 horses, 6 cattle, Value $128
Henthorn, James "Lame," R4,T4,S31, NE, 146 acres, Value $166
Henthorn, James "Lame," R4,T4,S32, SW, 147 acres, Value $162
Henthorn, William, R5,T5,S8, SW, 79 acres, Value $91
Henthorn, James, Jr., R5,T5, S8, NE, 159 acres, Value $216
2 horses, 3 cattle, Value $104
Henthorn, John, 1 horse, 1 cattle, Value $48
Henthorn, Margaret, 2 horses, 1 cattle, Value $88
Henthorn, Nathan G., 1 horse, 3 cattle, Value $64
Henthorn, Elizabeth, 1 horse, 1 cattle, Value $48
Henthorn, Abraham, 1 horse, 2 cattle, Value $56

GREEN TOWNSHIP: Total of 50 taxpayers, Township of Green being, Townships No. 2 & 3 in Range 4 and part of township 3 & 4 in Range 5.
Henthorn, William, 2 horses, 2 cattle, Value $96

MALAGA TOWNSHIP: Total of 161 taxpayers, Township of Malaga being, Township 5 in Range 5 and part of Township 6 in Range 6.
Henthorn, William, R5,T5,S33, 79 acres, Value $109
No horses or cattle

SALEM TOWNSHIP:  Total of 103 taxpayers, Township of Salem being, Township No. 2 & 3 in Range 3 and part of township 3 & 4 in Range 4.
Henthorn, Adam "Big", R3,T2,S30, N 1/2 NE, 64 acres, Value $74
No horses or cattle
Henthorn, Adam "Big", R3,T2,S30, E 1/2 NW, 95 acres, Value $172
Henthorn, Adam, R3,T2,S26, NW, 161 acres, Value $200
3 horses, 8 cattle, Value $184
Henthorn, John, R3,T3,S19, fraction, 3 acres, Value $17
1 horse, 2 cattle, Value $56
Henthorn, Joseph, 2 cattle, Value $16
(1827 Tax List - Furnished by Joyce Posey)

Henthorn Heads of Household in Monroe County, Ohio, Listed in the 1820, 1830, 1840 Census
Census: 1820
Salem Twp: William; Joseph; Adam; John; Daniel Kyger
Center Twp: Margaret; James; William

Census: 1830
Adams Twp: Elizabeth; James; James; John; Abram; Abram; David
Green Twp: Adam; William
Salem Twp: Adam, Daniel Kyger; John; William D.
Sunsberry Twp: Margaret; Jesse

Census: 1840
Adams Twp: David; William; Abraham; Elijah; Jesse
Bethel Twp: John L.
Centre Twp: John
Salem Twp: Nimrod E.; John; Adam; John H.; Nancy; Joseph; Andrew
Washington Twp: James Sr.; James Jr.; Stephen

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