Monday, October 13, 2014

Broken Binding

A while back I was in the basement looking at some of the genealogy books stored there.  I had an accident with a bound volume.  I was moving one of the books and I dropped it. The binding broke.  I was very upset because it couldn't be repaired.

The book was:
The Conger Family of America, Volume II, (CFA) published in 1992, by Helen Maxine (Crowell) Leonard. There are more than 725 numbered pages in the book, with printing on both sides of most pages. That is to say, a little over 365 physical pages.

To fix the problem I bought four black three-ring notebooks at one of the thrift stores and two boxes of 200 sheet protectors at Staples.  I worked, off and on for a couple of days, putting the pages into the sheet protectors. Opening the top of every sheet protector was a pain.  Did I really lick my fingers 365 times?

The two-volume CFAs are wonderful collections of genealogy information and family history.  I own copies of both volumes and both are now housed in three-ring binders. Years ago, I worked for many months keying the information from both volumes into my genealogy program in order to convert the collection into a genealogy. Some members of the Conger family spent time in Monroe county, Ohio. I worked with Robert Guilinger, Joyce Posey and many others to add the information they shared to the information recorded by Mrs. Leonard.

Page 1a of CFA II, is the Contents page.  Names listed on the page do not always match the titles used on the first page of each section.

Here's a list of the CFA II contents I prepared, using the page titles.

 1a - Contents
 2a - Libraries with CFA I
 3a - Preface
   1 - Search for Belconger Origin
   3 - Belconger Wills
 12 - Life of Belcongers in County Norfolk
 15 - John Conger (Primus) in Woodbridge, New Jersey
 16 - The Kelleys
 19 - John Belconger's Family & Wills
 21 - First Census of the United States - 1790 - Heads of Families
 51 - Descendants of John Belconger & Mary Kelly & Sarah Cawood
239- Conger Addenda
247- Conger Allied Families
462- Allied Families Addenda
467- Conger Index
531- Conger Spouse Index
565- Conger Index - CFA I
695- Update for CFA Volume I

Dick Henthorn
13 October 2014

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