Monday, October 6, 2014

Gmail FindAGrave Filter

My father's FindAGrave page
Screen Capture with Diigo

Today I created a Gmail "filter" for FindAGrave.  A filter can be thought of as a "folder."

I set up the filter rules so messages: from me, sent to me, that contain the words "Find A Grave Memorial" will be labeled with the tag "FindAGrave" and stored in the FindAGrave filter (folder).

I did this because when I visit a FindAGrave page there are often too many links to children and siblings for me to process at one time. I want to be able to come back to a page that needs more work. When I'm looking at FindAGrave there are some buttons on the right that are handy.  One of them, with the red "M," sends a message to Gmail with a link to the page I am viewing.

Having my messages from FindAGrave stored together in my Gmail account will make it easy for me to find the messages with the FindAGrave links when I am ready to do more work.

While I'm working with FindAGrave I make use of my two monitor system.  On the bigger screen I have RootsMagic open.  On the laptop screen I have FindAGrave and my text editor, EditPad Lite, open. I use EditPad Lite to edit the text from the FindAGrave page before I save the information in the Note field of the RootsMagic file.

Dick Henthorn
6 October 2014

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