Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wykert Family

Here are links to seven pages on this blog about the Wykert family of West Virginia and points west.

Wykert - 1

Wykert - 2

Wykert - 3

Wykert - 4

Wykert - 5

Wykert - 6

Wykert - 7

Note: This was a test to see how easy it would be to create a page that links to other pages on this blog.  You could also find the seven pages yourself by using the Search box in the right hand sidebar or the Labels that appear at the bottom of each page.  Labels works better than Search in this case.

I thought this might be a nice way to prepare a summary page, making it easier for a reader to find things.

Use your browser back key to return to this page from any of the seven links.

Try the Print Friendly button at the bottom of each page if you want to print out the information. You can also download a PDF and Email a copy of the page with Print Friendly.
19 June 2014

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