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Wykert, Francis (1785-1845)

Summary of Francis WYKERT - 21 Jun 2010

Name: Francis WYKERT
Sex: Male
Father: Francis WYKERT (2 Jun 1737 - 9 May 1825)
Mother: Elizabeth SHAEFER (1746 - 24 Aug 1815)

Individual Facts
Birth 6 Dec 1785 Reading, Berks Co., PA
Death 9 Dec 1845 (age 60) Louisa Co., IA
Chr Berks Co., PA
Ref # BJMX-4X

1. Nancy Ann YOHO
Marriage abt 5 Jul 1810 (age 24) Belmont Co., OH
Francis WYKERT Jr. (15 May 1811 - 25 Nov 1872)
Henry Joseph WYKERT (18 Sep 1813 - 4 Jan 1894)
Lydia WYKERT (12 Dec 1815 - 18 Feb 1912)
Elizabeth WYKERT (2 Apr 1818 - 8 Sep 1891)
Theodore WYKERT (abt 22 Nov 1822 - 7 Aug 1906)
Catherine WYKERT (31 Jul 1825 - 11 Aug 1902)
Nancy WYKERT (13 Apr 1827 - 1885)
Thomas A. WYKERT (6 Nov 1829 - 8 Jan 1912)
Nicholas WYKERT (1 Jun 1820 - )
Mary Jane WYKERT (30 Sep 1835 - bet 1862 and 1864)
Rachel WYKERT (8 Jan 1838 - )

Notes (Individual)
Francis Wykert

PARENTS: Francis Wykert and Elizabeth Shaefer

AKA: Francis Wykert was called, Frank.

Problem: Francis (Frank) Wykert appears in the Ancestral File more than once:

MARRIAGE: Francis Wickerd and Ann Yoho Marriage
Francis Wykert and Nancy Ann Yoho were married on 5 Jul 1810 at Belmont Co., OH, Book B, page 41. The entry actually reads, " March 21th 1811; Married Jas. Trible and Floraw Cree April the 25, 1811.; Married Henry Burton Rebecca Bushonan July 5th 1810.; Married Francis Wickerd and Ann Yoho they were Married according to Law by me; James Henthorn. Esqr."
(Marriage extract furnished by Joan Wykert Jukes)

[Note: Semicolons used here to separate each line of typed text as found on the copy obtained from the Belmont County, Ohio Probate Court on the 30th of March 1990 and certified by the Deputy Clerk. There was no marriage date on the line for the Wickerd and Yoho marriage. Reseachers are assuming that their marriage occurred on the same date as that of Burton and Bushonan, 5 Jul 1810

A Robinson and Mary (Davis) Ross were married on 11 Mar 1804 by Revolutionary War veteran, James Henthorn, Sr., who was a Justice of the Peace in the township of Salem - then Belmont county. James Henthorn, Sr., settled at the mouth of Sunfish Creek about the year 1798 or 1799. He was married to Elizabeth. His sons were John, Henry, Adam, William, and James, Jr. He had daughters Ann and Mary. Note by Richard E. Henthorn]

RESIDENCES-EMIGRATION: Francis Wykert lived in VA/WV. About 1838 he moved to Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA and then to Louisa Co., IA.

RESEARCHER: Mrs. J.A. Sulzberger; 1808 Hammann Avenue; Muscatine, IA 52761 wrote a letter on 5 Jun 1988 to librarians in Iowa asking for help on the Wykert family. She listed the following birth information about the sons of Francis and Nancy (Yoho) Wykert: Francis Wykert, 15 May 1811; Henry Wykert, 24 Sep 1814; Theodore Wykert, 27 Nov 1822; Thomas Wykert, 6 Nov 1829; Nicholas Wykert, no date given. Joan Wykert Jukes reports that she had received a letter from the husband of Mrs. Sulzberger informing that she was dying of brain cancer. Mrs. Sulzberger was a member of the Iowa Genealogical Society.

Elizabeth was added from Marriage Record and Rachel Yoho Buchanan's Will. Sketches of Thomas and Theodore Wykert can be found in a Des Moines Co., Iowa History.

Frank Theodore (Dode) Wykert and his brother, Ben Wykert were great-grandsons of Francis Wykert. A story about one of their exploits, titled, "The Great Horse Race." written by Joan Wykert Jukes appeared in "The Yoho Newsletter," April 1994, Vol. 3, No. 1.

Debra Mason; RD 2 Box 119; New Martinsville, WV
Joan Wykert Jukes; 2448 51st Avenue; Greeley, CO 80634
Laura W. Sterling; 982 Stonegate Road; Greenwood, IN 46142
Eloyce Parsons Trader; 7 Briarwood Drive; Greensburg, PA 15601

BIOGRAPHY: Biographical Sketch
Francis Wykert, son of Frantz and Elizabetha Shaefer Weickert, was born on 6 Dec 1785 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was baptized in the Reformed Church of the Schwarzwald by Rev. William Boos, in Berks County, PA. His family moved to Washington Co., PA and finally to Marshall Co. (W)VA.

Francis Wykert (aka Francis Wicherd) married Nancy Ann Yoho, daughter of Henry and Catherine Baker Yoho, 5 Jul 1810 in Belmont Co., OH (Book ?, page 41). Nancy Ann was born ca. 1790 in Marshall Co., (W)VA. Francis and Nancy Ann were the parents of eleven children. They owned land in Tyler County (W)VA from 1820 to 1831 (now Wetzel Co., WV).

The family moved to Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA in 1838, taking a boat at Wells Landing (Wellsburg, WV?) going down the river to Cincinnati and St. Louis and then up to Burlington.

They first settled in the wilderness where the only sounds were the howl of the wolf and whoop of the Indians. Francis Wykert purchased eighty acres in Burlington Twp. from the government. There he built an 18 x 20 log cabin. His thrift and industry bore fruits and two years later he was able to add to his real estate. This he sold at a profit.

In 1840 he purchased 200 acres in Louisa County, Iowa. This became one of the best farms in the country.

Nancy Wykert died in Louisa Co., IA in 1841. Francis Wykert died in Louisa Co., IA on 9 Dec 1845.
(Source: Furnished by Eloyce Parsons Trader)

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