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Nathan Glass Henthorn

Nathan Glass Henthorn

Parents: James Henthorn and Elizabeth Rachel Unknown
Born: Abt. 1795 in Virginia
Married 3 Nov 1820 to Mary "Molly" Brown, born Abt. 1804 in Ohio
Died: Abt. 1836/1838 in Vermilion Co., IL
Children: 7

Henthorn/Bell document gives the date of birth as: ABT 1791 and the date of death as 1838.

Middle name: Glass, obtained from Josephine Bolerjack.  There is a possibility that the middle name of Glass goes with some other Nathan.

PROBLEM:  There is some question on whether the state of birth is VA or PA.

Virginia Esh furnished a page from county record book which shows the purchase of land by Nathan G. Henthorn as follows:  Township No. 17 N.; Range No. 11; No. of Section WH; SW 1/4 1; No. of Township 17 N.; No. of Range 11 W; Acres 80; To whom sold and Patented, Nathan G. Henthorn; When sold, Aug 31, 1831; Remarks, 203.

OCCUPATION: Nathan Glass Henthorn was a farmer, according to his great grandson, J.W. Henthorn.

Date of death of ABT 1838 is based on the fact that Mathew Brown, probably the brother of Nathan's wife Mary Brown, became the guardian of Nathan G. Henthorn's minor children on 1 Aug 1838, at Danville, IL.  The children were: Mathew B. Henthorn, Cynthia Jane Henthorn, Ephraim Henthorn, Susannah Henthorn, Elizabeth Henthorn, and Nathan Henthorn.
(Source: Court document establishing the guardianship - note the last name seems to be spelled with an "i" on this document.)


Virginia Esh states that her family ties to Nathan Glass Henthorn and his wife Mary Brown.  Her Great-Great-Grandfather; Abraham Franklin Rudy married Lovica Jane Henthorn. Lovica Jane was the daughter of Ephraim Henthorn and Eunice Bailey.
(Posted: 8 June 2014, Adam Henthorn file of REH)

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