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William Henthorn

William Henthorn

Parents: James Henthorn and Elizabeth Rachel Unknown
Born: Abt. 1783 in Pennsylvania
Married: Abt. 1803, Frances "Fanny" Myers
Died: 11 May 1850 in Monroe Co., OH
Children: 9

Ohio County Court House, Wheeling, West Virginia, Abstract of Deed Book 7 - Page 473: July 2, 1813.  William Henthorn and Fanny his wife, son of James Henthorn sold to Robert Gray for two hundred and ten dollars a tract of land containing seventy three and one half acres and twenty perches which was the property of the heirs of Susannah Henthorn deceased, which they the said heirs bind themselves to relinquish, said heirs being Stephen Burkam, and Sarah his wife, William Shepherd and Mary his wife, James Henthorn and Elizabeth his wife, Mathew Howell and Rebecca his wife.

Witness: John Feay, John Myers, Thomas White
Signed:  William Henthorn, Fanny X Henthorn (mark), James Henthorn, Elizabeth X Henthorn (mark), Mathew Howel, Rebecca X Howel (mark), Stephen Burkam, Sarah Burkam.

PROBLEM:  The William, son of James, who was married to Fanny (Myers) is this one.   William's grandfather Adam, was married to a Susannah and they had the descendants listed in relation to this transaction.  This item is also entered with a William Henthorn, son of James 1st of this study, who married a Jane. It seems unlikely that the item belongs to this William.

William and Fanny sold land in Jackson Twp., Monroe Co., OH on 2 Jun 1832 to Israel Brown, S.E. 1/4 Section 30 - 60 or 68 acres.  Witnesses Artridge Henderson and John Henthorn
(Furnished by: Delbert Henthorn)
This transaction is also indexed in "Gateway to the West - Vol. 2" by Ruth Bower and Anita Short (405), page 172.
(Source: Fedorchak, Vol. X, page 189)

CENSUS:  1840, in Monogalia Co., OH, Jackson Twp.
(Source:  Index to 1840 Ohio Census, Cleo Goff Wilkins (Wilkens) 1975, p. 12.)

A suit for the partition of the estate of William Henthorn appears in the records of the Monroe Co., Court of Common Pleas and was advertised on August 27, 1851 edition of "The Spirit of Democracy" at Woodsfield, OH.  It reads:

Petition for Partition: John Henderson and wife vs. Adam Henthorne; Eli Henthorne; James Henthorne; William Hickman, and Matilda, his wife; Peter Stewart and Martha, his wife; James Stewart, Fanny Stewart, Daniel Stewart, Nathan Stewart, John Stewart, Peter Stewart, Jr., Ellen Stewart and Alexander Stewart, minor heirs of Elizabeth Stewart, deceased; and Fanny Henthorne, widow of Wm. Henthorne, lately deceased.

John Henderson, who brought the suit, was a son-in-law of William Henthorn, he was married to William's daughter, Nancy.

Monroe Co, OH Deeds, Book 13, p. 65, 15 Apr 1852
To Thomas Mitchell, SW 1/4 NW 1/4 and NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sect. 28, Twp. 2, Range 4,
from Wm. Henthorn heirs.  Quit Claim.
     Adam Henthorn
     Eli Henthorn and Margaret his wife
     John Henderson and Nancy his wife
     Wm Hickman and Matilda his wife
     Peter Stewart and Martha his wife
Witnessed by:
     Elijah Ollum
     James Myers
     Nathan Henthorn
(Deed information furnished by Norma Henthorn)

PROBLEM:  A.E. Henthorn claimed that William Henthorn, the father of Eli Henthorn, was born in America the son of one of five brothers who came to this country during the seventeenth century from Southern Germany, a sixth brother remained in his home country.
[Note:  A.E. Henthorn offered no proof to support this claim and as of April 1995 no evidence that other researchers support this claim has been found. REH]
(Posted 8 June 2014 from the Adam Henthorn file of REH)

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