Friday, August 10, 2012

Henthorn, Sarah and William Parr

5. Sarah HENTHORN was born about 1744 in , PA. She died on 1 Apr 1789 in , Fayette, PA.

Sarah HENTHORN and William PARR were married. William PARR (son of Richard PARR) died in Mar 1774 in Chartiers Twp., Washington, PA.

RESIDENCES: John Parr, father of William Parr, was a neighbor of the Fayette County, PA., Henthorns. Others say his father is, Richard. 

PROBATE: His will, written on 9 Mar 1774, named his wife, Sarah, daughter Margaret, father Richard Parr, and brother-in-law John Henthorn. Executors were Richard Parr and John Henthorn. On 30 Mar 1774 John Henthorn paid travel in settling estate. On Apr 2 the will was proved. On 13 Oct an inventory and sale is recorded (mostly to John Quinn). On 15 Oct the farm was sold to John Cannon, with witnesses John Quinn and James Henthorn. On 2 May 1787 the final settlement by Mary Henthorn, executrix of John Henthorn, who was executor of William Parr - to the wife and daughter: 204-13-1 pounds. 

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