Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rootsweb - Freepages

In the fall of 2008 AOL dropped free website support.  I'd shared a genealogy website there for several years.  There was enough warning to allow me to archive my webpages to a 4Gb thumb drive before the final day.

Subsequent to this disaster I've modified some of the pages and put them back on the Internet on three different free Google applications: Blogger, Sites, and Groups.  I've also shared some of the information on the Monroe County, Ohio genealogy website.  Many of the pages didn't lend themselves to easy modification.  As a result those are still on the thumb drive and not shared.

Recently, I've begun to think about this problem again.  I think I can use the Freepages on Rootsweb to share my information, without too much modification to the HTML.  Using Freepages requires a basic knowledge of HTML, of FTP and of how to set up the folder structure on Rootsweb.

If you are interested in learning more about Rootsweb Freepages take a look at the links I list below.

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Freepages - FTP Instructions

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21 August 2012

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