Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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About BetterGEDCOM

BetterGEDCOM was organized in the fall of 2010, by DearMyrtle, Greg Lamberson and Russ Worthington, after Myrt and Russ had problems sharing genealogical information about a mutual line. Their data had become lost or mangled in the transfer. Knowing many others shared the same frustrations, these dedicated technologists and users fostered the BetterGEDCOM grassroots effort. The project’s original goal was to develop a standard for genealogy data archiving and transfer that would be accepted internationally.
GEDCOM is the file format that genealogy programs use to transfer data between the various genealogy programs.  As developers added more and more functionality to their programs there have been problems.  It's my opinion that the so-called GEDCOM standard hasn't been able to keep up.  I used the term so-called because I don't think a government standard has ever been adopted by The National Bureau of Standards.
Mr. Dickie8 August 2012

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