Sunday, August 19, 2012

Henthorn, Adam Jasper and Sarah

Photo posted to the Facebook wall of my friend, Richard Henthorn, by his niece, Cheryl (Henthorn) Metcalf.

Cheryl Wrote:
Here is the chair that I had done that I told you about. It looks great by our fireplace tonight! I believe that this was Adam and Sarah's rocker. 

Richard Wrote:
This rocking chair was, indeed, owned by my grandparents, Adam Jasper Henthorn and Sarah Henthorn. My parents inherited it and when my mom's mother (Emma Randall) moved into the 2nd house on our farm in Wisconsin the chair was given to her. Now the chair is possessed by Cheryl Henthorn Metcalf and her husband, Mike Metcalf. I am pleased that it is staying in the family.

Thanks for the photo. The chair looks great in your house. It brings back wonderful memories of a great time in my life. I am pleased that it is now being taken care of by your loving family. 

Dick Henthorn's Comment:
Thanks to Cheryl (Henthorn) Metcalf and Richard Henthorn for sharing this piece of Henthorn family history with all of us.  If anyone else would like to share something about your branch please contact me.

Link to another page with some information about the Henthorn family of Wisconsin and their relationship to the Gander family.
19 August 2012

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sofistagirl said...

I apologize in advance if I'm placing this comment in the wrong place, I found this page while researching my own family tree. I am a descendant of Margaret Henthorn (Adam's sister). When I saw the photo of the rocking chair once belonging to Emma Randall, I was wondering if by any chance you meant Sarah Randall? In my tree, I have Stephen Henthorn and Sarah Randall as the parents of Adam and Margaret (along with 7+ other siblings). I have what are believed to be the only photos of Stephen and Sarah that were made from tin type photos. I'd be happy to share them. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much,
- Treasa Ewing