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Henthorn, Mary (Robinette)

Mary (Robinette) Henthorn
Census: 1790 in Fayette Co., PA, Union Twp.
3 males over 16, 7 females
(Source: Informant was Norma Henthorn who stated, the Mary Henthorn in Union Twp. in 1790 was the widow of John Henthorn, 1743-1786. The three males over 16 are her sons, James, John, and Nathan. The 7 females are herself, five daughters, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel, and Priscilla and her daughter-in-law Delila Meek Henthorn)
The home of Mary Henthorn is listed in a number of the Methodist preacher's journals, Methodist Bishop Asbury stopped there to preach: .
   1802 Aug 22 - Noah Fidler - in connection with a Quarterly meeting
   1804 Sep 4 - Francis Asbury - 7 of her 8 children members
   1807 Aug 15 - Francis Asbury - her son James an official member
   1808 Jul 4 - Francis Asbury - spent the day reading and planning
   Henry Boehm - companion of Asbury
   1810 - James Watts
   1812 Sep 3 - Francis Asbury
Her home in Pennsylvania was a mile from the 1812 campmeeting where thousands gathered to hear the preachers.

Nathaniel B. Mills reported in his Journal seeing the Henthorns leaving for Ohio on 13 Apr 1813. Mary and son James, and others, were in the party. They settled in Thorn Township, Perry County, OH.  (Source: Henthorn/Bell 1990).
It is suggested, by Prof. Bell, in a footnote to the 6 Apr 1797 letter from Mary (Robinette) Henthorn and John Henthorn III (her son) and Deliah (Meek) Henthorn (John's wife), to Rev. Daniel Hitt, that one of Mary's daughters was called, Polly. Problem: Was Polly a nickname? If so, which one of her daughters used this name?

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