Thursday, February 25, 2010

Switzerland of the Ohio

Hannibal, Ohio. June 1925.

Dear kinsfolk of Father Jacob Tisher, Pioneer Methodist from Switzerland, to this "Switzerland" of Ohio, U. S. A.

In April of 1819, under the leadership of Jacob Tisher, ten German-Swiss families floated with the Aar and the Rhine to Antwerpt, there took passage on the French vessel "Eugenius" for U. S. A. After a voyage of forty-eight days they landed at Amboy, N. J., where six families purchased teams and proceeded to Wheeling, W. Va. [sic, Virginia]. This band, Jacob Tisher, Jacob Tschappet, Daniel Fankhouser, Nicholas Fankhouser, Jacob Marti and their families and Jacob Nispeli, single, left Wheeling September 15th, 1819, their destination being the Great Kanawha. Landing their flatboat at Captina, they were persuaded to take up Government land in Monroe County. Thus started the "Switzerland" of Ohio.

Jacob Tisher builded his cabin on the hill at Hannibal, there he reared his family of thirteen children, administered help, encouragement and sympathy to all he met, organized societies, and preached the Gospel to the settlers in a circuit of 200 miles, which he traveled on boat. [sic, on foot].

This man and his wife of whom you are descendants, rests in the Emma Grove cemetery at Hannibal, O., the marker of their graves having crumbled to dust. It is the earnest desire of members of this family tree to place a substantial marker to their graves. Will you contribute? As a suggestion, $2.00 to $10.00 is mentioned. A prompt remittance will be appreciated.

Yours truly
Mrs. Robt. C. Tisher

[Note: On 24 January 1979, Jane Morrison of Sylmar, CA wrote to Mrs. Catharine Fedorchak about her interest in the genealogy and history of the Tisher family of Monroe County, Ohio. With her letter to Mrs. Fedorchak she inclosed the above letter from Mrs. Robert C. Tisher of Hannibal, OH. Jane Morrison states that the letter was received in 1925 by her mother who's maiden name was, Myrtle G. Tisher. Mytrle Tisher's paternal grandfather was, Christian Tisher (1819-1869). He was raised and married, Mary Ellen Rhodes, in Monroe county. Early family papers indicated that he was born in New York in 1819. He moved to Iowa and died in Omaha, NE.

Both letters are printed on pages 93-94 of "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," Volume III, by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak. Note written by Richard E. Henthorn, 25 Feb 2010.]

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