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Dr. Jeremiah Walton of Monroe Co., Ohio

Dr. Jeremiah Walton and His Descendants
Monroe Co., Ohio

Compiled by Richard E. Henthorn

Descendant Chart

1-Dr. Jeremiah WALTON (1 Mar 1809-26 Feb 1891)
+Margaret STURGEON (4 Apr 1813-24 Jun 1899)
. . 2-James WALTON (abt 1832-)
. . 2-Elizabeth WALTON (abt 1834-)
. . 2-Richard K. WALTON (2 Sep 1836-)
. . +Julia Ann CONGER (30 Apr 1835-)
. . . . 3-William Vernon (Vernon) WALTON (7 Aug 1860-)
. . . . +Lura B. THORNBERRY (-)
. . . . . . 4-Ione WALTON (11 May 1890-)
. . . . . . 4-Leland Vernon WALTON (30 Apr 1893-)
. . . . . . 4-William L. WALTON (27 Aug 1899-)
. . . . . . 4-Albert WALTON (14 May 1903-)
. . . . 3-Ione WALTON (abt 1862-)
. . . . +North WEST (20 Apr 1854-17 Oct 1895)
. . . . 3-Emma V. WALTON (11 Mar 1863-)
. . . . +Frank A. EKSTRAND (27 Aug 1861-)
. . . . . . 4-Walter L. EKSTRAND (28 May 1894-)
. . . . 3-Delora WALTON (23 Mar 1864-28 May 1868)
. . . . 3-Dr. James C. WALTON (17 Jul 1865-)
. . . . +Mathe WILISON (-)
. . 2-Amanda WALTON (abt 1840-)
. . 2-Delila WALTON (abt 1843-)
. . 2-William WALTON (abt 1845-)
. . 2-Jeremiah WALTON (abt 1850-)
. . 2-Margaret WALTON (abt 1853-)
. . 2-Mary WALTON (abt 1856-)
. . 2-Juliette (Julia) WALTON (abt 1859-)
. . 2-Lovina WALTON (abt 1862-)

Ahnentafel of Dr. James C. WALTON

First Generation

1. Dr. James C. WALTON: born on 17 Jul 1865 in Clarington, Monroe Co., OH.

Second Generation

2. Richard K. WALTON: born on 2 Sep 1836 in Salem Twp., Monroe Co., OH; married on 15 Jun 1858 in Cameron, Monroe Co., OH.

3. Julia Ann CONGER: born on 30 Apr 1835 in Monroe Co., OH.

Third Generation

4. Dr. Jeremiah WALTON: born on 1 Mar 1809 in Pennsylvania; died on 26 Feb 1891.

5. Margaret STURGEON: born on 4 Apr 1813 in Ohio; died on 24 Jun 1899.

6. Elias CONGER: born about 4 Oct 1789 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ; married on 17 Jun 1815 in Monroe Co., OH; died on 17 Nov 1869 in Cameron, Monroe Co., OH.

7. Margaret ATKINSON: born on 17 Jun 1793 in Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA; died on 20 Jun 1872 in Clarington, Monroe Co., OH.

Fourth Generation

10. Reuben STURGEON: born about 1783; married between 1810 and 13; died before Sep 1832.

11. Elizabeth ATKINSON: born between 1790 and 1800 in Pennsylvania; died in 1849.

12. David CONGER Jr.: born in 1767 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ; married in 1788/89 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ; died on 14 Oct 1833 in Morris Twp., Washington Co., PA.

13. Sarah WELCH: born in 1769 in New Jersey; died in 1844 in Morris Twp., Washington Co., PA.

14. Charles ATKINSON: born about 1760 in Lancaster Co., PA; married on 4 Dec 1787 in Cumberland Co., PA; died on 23 Apr 1834 in Cameron, Monroe Co., OH.

15. Elizabeth STEPHENS: born on 12 Sep 1769 in Cumberland Co., PA; died on 14 Dec 1841 in Monroe Co., OH.

Fifth Generation

28. Cornelius ATKINSON: born about 1732 in Ireland; married about Jan 1757 in Northumberland Co., PA; died in Apr 1815 in Halifax Twp., Dauphin Co., PA.

29. Mary STEPHENS: born between 1734 and 1736 in Pennsylvania; died in 1807 in Halifax Twp., Dauphin Co., PA.

30. Andrew STEPHENS: born between 1723 and 1738 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA; married between 1755 and 1760 in Greene Co., PA; died in 1798 in Greene Co., PA.

31. Ann BASKINS: born in 1734 in Pennsylvania; died in 1798 in Greene Co., PA.

Jeremiah Walton

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp., 219/219, 10 Sep 1850
Jeremiah Walton, 41, m. farmer, $2000, PA; Margaret, 37, f. OH
James, 18, m. farmer, OH; Elizabeth, 16, f. OH; Richard, 14, m. OH;
Amanda, 11, f. OH; Delia, 8, f. OH; William, 5, m. OH; Jeremiah, 1, m. OH

COMMENT-CENSUS: Researcher, Richard E. Henthorn, states he may be listed as Jeremiah Walter in the 1860 census of Adams Twp., Monroe Co., OH, #508. The Ace Truax family was living between Jeremiah and his son, Richard Walton.

CENSUS: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 508/ , P.O. Round Bottom, 6 Jul 1860
Jeremiah Walter, 51, farmer, 5000/2940, PA; Margaret, 48, domestic, OH;
Amanda, 20, domestic, OH; Delila, 17, domestic, OH; Wm., 15, OH;
Jeremiah, 10, OH; Margaret, 7, OH; Mary, 4, OH; Juliette, 1, OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

Census: 1870, in Monroe Co., OH, Washington, Twp., 139-139
Jeremiah Walton, 60, PA, farmer; Margarett, 57, OH, keep house
William, 24, OH, farm work; Margarett, 16, OH, works at home;
Mary, 14, OH, school; Julia, 10, OH, school; Lovina, 8, OH
Benjamin Piatt, 18, OH, farm labor

COMMENT-CENSUS: Not found in the 1880 census of Monroe Co., OH.

CEMETERY: Jeremiah Walton, 3-1-1809 - 2-26-1891 and Margaret Walton, Apr. 4 1813 - June 24, 1899
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Old Cameron/Atkinson Cemetery survey conducted in Aug 1961, unknown volume - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Richard K. Walton

CENSUS: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 510/510, P.O. Round Bottom, 6 Jul 1860
Rickard [sic] K. Walton, 23, teacher, /100, OH; Julian [sic], 24, domestic, OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

Census: 1870, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp., 15-16
Richard Walton, 33, OH, teach school; Julia A., 34, OH, keep house;
William V., 9, OH; Jane A., 8, OH, school; Emma, 7, OH, school;
James, 5, OH, school;
Margaret Conger, 77, PA, live w/son [sic, live with son-in-law]
[Note: The census extraction shows Margaret Conger as, "live w/son." This is incorrect. Julia A. Walton was, nee Conger and the daughter of Margaret Conger. REH]

CENSUS: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Center Twp., 72/75
R. R. Walton, 44, OH OH OH; Julia A., 44, OH OH OH;
Wm. Vernon, 20, OH OH OH; Ione, 18, dau., OH OH OH; Emma V., 17, OH OH OH; James, 14, OH OH OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

CHILDREN: Six children, four were living in 1882.

Richard K. Walton was born on the farm now known as the Maury Farm, on Sunfish creek, in Salem township, Monroe county, Ohio, (owned then by his father, Jeremiah Walton), on the 2d day of September, A.D. 1836; and at the age of seven years, his father left his residence on the farm and moved his family to the town of Clarington, on the Ohio river, where he engaged in the practice of medicine for six years, during which time Richard was sent to school regularly to such teachers as were then to be employed under the earlier school regime.

At the age of thirteen, Richard was removed by his father back to the farm on which he was born; and from that time he labored on the farm, under the direction of his father, who for many years afterwards continued in his practice, as a successful physician. Richard, however, was sent to school only during the winter terms, which were short, lasting each winter about four months. In this way he, by close application, became well versed in the common branches of English learning, and at the age of nineteen procured a certificate to teach in the common schools.

His first advent into the school room, armed with his first certificate, was in the fall of 1855; wages, thirty dollars a month; length of term, six months. With the proceeds of his first winter's labor in the school room, he, by the consent of his father, attended a school at Woodsfield, Ohio, taught by William Wheeler, the next summer and fall. The former years labor in the same schoolroom was repeated the following year, and he again attended two terms of school at Woodsfield, taught by Professor John Moore, who was an instructor of great ability and learning; after which, on the 15th day of June, A.D. 1858, he was married to Julia A. Conger, the youngest daughter of Elias and Margaret (Atkinson) Conger, of Monroe county, Ohio; taught school for one year following his marriage at Cameron, in Adams township, and afterwards in various districts of Adams and other townships of the county, when in 1861 he was appointed school examiner by Probate Judge Sinclair.

In the fall of 1862 he was chosen by the board of education of the Clarington special school district principal of the Clarington school; resigned the office of school examiner in the spring of 1863, and thereafter removed, at the close of one term of school at Clarington, to his father's farm in Adams township, where he spent the most of his time for two years following, reading law under the instruction of the Hon. William F. Hunter, of Monroe county, Ohio; after which he was again called by the board of education to labor as principal in the Clarington school, at which place he was employed as principal of the school, with the exception of one term, for ten years.

From the time of his marriage, and during all this period, six children were born in his family, four of which, two sons and two daughters, to wit: William V., Ione, Emma V., and James C., are now living.

After having been engaged in the profession of teaching, and meeting with success in this calling for more than twenty years, and being solicitous for a change from the schoolroom, he became a candidate for the office of probate judge, to which he was elected in the fall of 1878, and afterward, in the fall of 1881, was reelected to a second term of said office, of which he is now the incumbent.
[Note: Blank lines added to improve readability. REH]
(Source: History of Monroe County, Ohio, H.H. Hardesty & Co., Chicago & Toledo, Publishers, 1882, Personal History Department, p. 32)

William Vernon Walton

AKA: Vernon

EDUCATION: Clarington Public Schools, Clarington, OH; Graduated May 1886 from The Cincinnati Law School and admitted to the Ohio bar.

OCCUPATION: Teacher; Deputy Clerk of Probate Court of Monroe Co., OH; Lawyer

RESIDENCES: Abt. 1898, No. 116 North Paul St., Woodsfield, OH.

RESIDENCES: As of 1914, Newark, Licking Co., OH

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Mayor of Woodsfield, OH for about ten years since the year of 1887, appointed twice and elected four times

William Vernon Walton, was born in Adams Township, Monroe County, Ohio, on the 7th day of August 1860; is a son of Judge Richard K. Walton and Julia A. Walton. Mr. Walton remained with his parents, receiving an education such as was afforded in Clarington, Ohio public schools under the instructions of his father, who was for many years principal of Clarington public schools, until he arrived at the age of about eighteen years, at which time he commenced teaching in the common schools of the county, which calling he pursued until his father appointed him Deputy Clerk of the Probate Court of Monroe County, Ohio, which position of trust Mr. Walton filled during his father's continuance in the office of Probate Judge.

W.V. Walton also conducted a successful fire, insurance agency in Woodsfield, during which time he also read law under the instruction of the law firm of Hunter & Mallory, and the in fall of 1885, he entered the senior law class of The Cincinnati Law School and graduated in May, 1886, receiving a diploma and was also at the same time admitted to the bar in Ohio.

Mr. Walton commenced the practice of law at Woodsfield, Ohio on the first day of June 1886, where he has continued in the practice ever since with the exception of one year, which time, from 1891 to 1892, he practiced his profession in Bellaire and Toronto, Ohio, and for six years he was in partnership with his father, Judge R.K. Walton, under the firm name of Walton & Walton, after which this partnership was dissolved by mutual consent and at this time W.V. Walton continues to practice law alone.

Mr. Walton has resided in Monroe County since his birth except as above stated, and on the 12 day of June 1889, he was married to Lura B. Thornberry, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Thornberry of Woodsfield, and since that time two children have been born of said marriage, viz.: Ione, born May 11th 1890, and Leland Vernon, born April 30th 1893, both of whom are now living.

Among other positions of trust, Mr. Walton has successfully filled the office of Mayor of Woodsfield for about ten years since the year 1887, having been appointed twice and elected four times to this office.

Mr. Walton now resides at No. 116 North Paul Street, Woodsfield, and his law office is located over R.W. Pope's Drug Store.
(Source: Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio, 1898, p. 16)

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