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Ahnentafel Chart for Peter King, Jr.

Ancestors of Peter KING Jr. - 16 Feb 2010

First Generation

1. Peter KING Jr. was born in 1859 in Lee Twp., Monroe Co., OH. He died on 28 May 1880 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH.

Second Generation

2. William KING was born on 18 Oct 1831 in Ohio.
William King

CENSUS: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Ohio Twp., 362/365, 1 Aug 1860
William King, 29, farmer, /100, OH; Nancy, 18, OH;
Peter, 1, OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

CENSUS: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 6/8
William, 48, OH PA PA; Nancy, 39, OH, NY PA;
Charles, 2, OH OH OH;
Sarah Legett, 80, PA PA NJ
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

William KING and Nancy LIDGET lived in Adams Twp., Monroe Co., OH about 1882.

3. Nancy LIDGET was born between 1840 and 1842 in Ohio. She was also known as Sarah Legget in 1880.

Third Generation

4. Peter KING was born about 2 Oct 1807 in Greene Co., PA. He was born about 10 Dec 1807. He died on 11 Jun 1890.
Peter King

CENSUS: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Ohio Twp. P.O. Hannibal, 361/366
Peter King, 52, farmer, 2500/1000, PA; Sarah, 49 OH;
John, 20, farmer, OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

CENSUS: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 6/7
Peter King, 72, PA PA PA; Sarah, 68, PA PA PA
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

Peter King was born in Greene county, Pennsylvania, October 2, 1807 and came to Ohio when he was a young man in 1830, settled in Greene township, this county, where he married, and entered a farm of 120 acres, cleared his farm, built up a home, where he remained until the year 1866, when he removed to Adams township, his present home.

His wife, Sarah Hickman, was born in Monroe county, January 27, 1812, and married October 24, 1830. Her parents, William and Mary (Greene) Hickman, both deceased, were also among the earliest settlers of the county; came in 1825.

Mr. King's parents are also deceased. They were Johnand Christene (Yager) King.

The children of Peter King are all living, namely:
William, born October 18, 1831, resides in this township;
Christina (Conley), December 17, 1834, resides in Wetzel county, West Virginia;
Mary (Stewart), May 16 1837, resides in Adams township;
John H., August 18, 1840, resides in Jackson township;
Henry, June 22, 1844, resides at home.

Mr. King served as justice of the peace in Greene township from 1846 to 1858, inclusive.

Mr. and Mrs. King have been members of the Christian church for thirty years. Business, farming. Address, Ozark, Monroe county, Ohio.
[Note: Blank lines added to improve readability. REH]
(Source: History of Monroe County, Ohio, H.H. Hardesty & Co., Chicago & Toledo, Publishers, 1882, Personal History Department, p.23)

Peter KING and Sarah HICKMAN were married on 24 Oct 1830 in Green Twp., Monroe Co., OH.

5. Sarah HICKMAN was born on 27 Jan 1812 in Monroe Co., OH. She died on 15 Jul 1890.

6. Unknown LIDGET was born in New York.

7. Sarah UNKNOWN was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania. She was also known as Sarah Legget in 1880.

CENSUS: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 6/8, Sarah Legget, 80 years old, living with son-in-law, William King and daughter, Nancy.

Fourth Generation

8. John KING was born about 1784 in Pennsylvania. He died on 24 Dec 1864 in Mason Co., WV. John KING and Christene (Yeager) YAGER were married about 1803/4.

9. Christene (Yeager) YAGER was born on 28 Sep 1785 in Westmoreland Co., PA. She died on 31 Dec 1877 in Mason Co., WV.

10. William HICKMAN Jr. was born on 10 May 1791 in Washington Co., PA. He died on 28 Dec 1858 in Green Twp., Monroe Co., OH.

11. Mary GREENE was born in 1797 in Pennsylvania. She died in Oct 1856. She was buried in Oct 1856 in Monroe Co., OH, Hickman Cemetery.

Fifth Generation

20. William HICKMAN Sr. was born before 1765. He died in 1817 in Franklin Twp., Greene Co., PA.

21. Margaret UNKNOWN was born between 1765 and 1767. She died on 10 Feb 1849 in Green Twp., Monroe Co., OH.

22. John GREENE has no further information available.

23. Mary MORRIS has no further information available.

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