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Ahnentafel Chart for Female Baker

Ancestors of Female BAKER - 15 Feb 2010

First Generation

1. Female BAKER was born in Laings, Monroe Co., OH.

Second Generation

2. John Lawrence BAKER was born on 15 Aug 1891 in Monroe Co., OH.

3. Vera Marie HUFFMAN was born on 2 Feb 1892 in Monroe Co., OH.

Third Generation

4. Vincent Martin BAKER was born on 9 Jun 1855 in Monroe Co., OH.

5. Mary Catherine MOWDER was born on 11 Mar 1858 in Laings, Monroe Co., OH.

6. Jacob Miller HUFFMAN was born on 13 Feb 1833 in Monroe Co., OH.

7. Mary Ellyn TRUAX was born on 5 Mar 1849 in Monroe Co., OH.

Fourth Generation

8. Vincent BAKER was born about 18 Aug 1816 in Monroe Co., OH. He died about 12 Mar 1903 in Monroe Co., OH. Vincent BAKER and Margaret DOUGHERTY were married on 26 Sep 1834 in Monroe Co., OH.

9. Margaret DOUGHERTY was born on 9 Aug 1819 in Graysville, Monroe Co., OH. She died on 6 Mar 1901 in Antioch, Monroe Co., OH.

10. Henry MOWDER Jr. was born on 7 Aug 1826 in Monroe Co., OH.

11. Katherine NORRIS was born on 15 Dec 1822 in Monroe Co., OH.

12. Jacob HUFFMAN was born on 13 Feb 1795 in Greene Co., PA.

13. Nancy MITCHELL was born on 27 Mar 1799 in Pennsylvania.

14. Benjamin TRUAX was born on 12 Jul 1812 in Bedford Co., PA.

15. Elizabeth SIPE was born on 12 Nov 1812 in Maryland.

Fifth Generation

16. Martin BAKER was born on 10 Oct 1780 in Virginia. He died on 27 Apr 1857 in Monroe Co., OH. Martin BAKER and Sarah Jane FARNSWORTH were married on 16 Feb 1812 in Belmont Co., OH.

17. Sarah Jane FARNSWORTH was born on 5 Aug 1791 in Virginia. She died in Aug 1860. She was buried in Aug 1860 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH, Steed's Cemetery.

18. Daniel Wire DOUGHERTY I was born about 1780 in Ireland. He died about 1827 in Monroe Co., OH.

19. Sarah MALOY was born between 1783 and 1790 in Ireland. She died in 1850. She was born in Ireland.

20. Henry MOWDER was born in 1786 in Pennsylvania.

21. Elizabeth (Kidwiler) KIDWALLLER was born in 1789.

24. Henry HUFFMAN Sr. was born in 1760 in Berkley Co., VA.

25. Catrouche FREY was born about 1770 in Greene Co., PA.

26. Thomas MITCHELL was born on 6 Mar 1772 in Greene Co., PA.

27. Eleanor UNKNOWN was born on 20 Apr 1776 in Greene Co., PA.

28. Samual G. TRUAX was born on 30 Sep 1782 in Bedford Co., PA.

29. Sarah TRUAX was born on 9 Apr 1788 in Bedford Co., PA.

30. Christopher SIPE has no further information available.

31. Nancy MC CAULEY was born on 14 Feb 1777 in Maryland.

Sixth Generation

32. Capt. John BAKER was born between 1735 and 1740 in Prussia. He died in 1787 in Grave Creek, , VA. Capt. John BAKER and Elizabeth Ann SULLIVAN were married between 1760 and 1765 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.

33. Elizabeth Ann SULLIVAN was born on 14 Feb 1744. She died on 22 May 1836 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH.

36. William O'DOUGHERTY was born in 1751 in Pluck, Manor Cunningham, Donegal, Ireland.

37. Hanna Moira PATTON was born about 1755 in Balleyboe, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland.

48. George HUFFMAN was born about 1734 in Palatinate (Now Germany).

49. Anne UNKNOWN has no further information available.

50. Phillipus FREY was born about 1733 in Palatinate (Now Germany).

51. Hannah UNKNOWN was born in New Jersey.

52. Kent MITCHELL was born about 1743 in Harford Co., MD.

53. Hanna WOOD was born in 1742 in Harford Co., MD.

56. Phillip TRUAX was born in 1750 in New Jersey.

57. Frances STILLWELL was born about 1750 in Bedford Co., PA.

58. John TRUAX was born about 1732 in New Jersey.

59. Jane PITTMAN has no further information available.

Prepared by:
Richard E. Henthorn

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