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Estate of James Henthorn - 17 Sep 1776

Appraisment for the Estate
James Henthorn
17 Sep 1776

Book I, page 106, Court House, Martinsburg, West Virginia

In obedience to the within order of Court, we the subscribers being sworn, have appraised the Personal Estate of JAMES HENTHORN, deceased, which is as under vis:

One chestnut mare and colt, 6 years old, about 13 1/2 hands high
One bay horse nigh 14 hand high
One large chestnut mare and colt
One bay colt, 2 years old
One bay colt, 2 years old
One old black horse
One brindle cow
One ditto with a bell
One steer
One steer and a year old steer
About 3/4 acre winter grain
One canoe
Ten small hogs
One old wagon
Four pair harness, two pair iron & two pair rope, braces and two collars
One log chain plough, harrow, etc.
Sundry pieces old iron
One hand saw, old augers, iron wedges, old drowing knife, shove and tongs
One old three hold plough, one piece leather
Three small kegs, sundry copper wire
Three dishes of pewter for cheese
Three pots with two backs for ditto
One bed, with bed clothes, two books
Five bags with some yarn
Two courser beds with clothes
A bag of feathers, box iron
Nine yards linsey and a spinning wheel
One chest with wearing appearel and a sword
Sundry articles and vessels in the cellar
Wheat on the floor cleaned - also rye and corn
Two chests of wool
Ten monts of a servant man
Four chairs
One axe and hoe

Robert Stephens
Edward Davis
James Jack
Samuel Johns

At a Court held for Berkeley County, the 17th day of September 1777, this Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of JAMES HENTHORN, deceased, was returned and ordered to be recorded.

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