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Indenture - John Henthorn to James Henthorn - 1745

This Indenture made this 5[th] day of May in the year of our Lord God one Thousand and Seven Hundred and forty fiev Between John Henthorn of Baltimore County and Province of Maryland Farmer, of the one part & James Henthorn of Baltimore County in Province of Farmer, of the Other Part

Witnefseth that the Said John Henthorne for and in Consideration of the Sum of Twenty Pounds of Pennsylvania to him in hand Paid by the said James Henthorn the ?

Whereof he Doth Hereby Acknowledge and the said James Henthorn thereof & of Every Part and Parcell thereof doth acquit release and for ? discharge have Bargained and Sold & by these Presents doth Bargain Sell unto the said James Henthorn Part of that Tract of ? of Land ? or known by the name of Providence lying in Baltimore County ... ...??? as follows

Viz Beginning at a ? White Oake Standing on a Hill Side Near the Waggon Road leading from Susguahana to Potomak and Running thence North West forty Perches North East. Two ? and Eight Perches South East, one Hundred Twenty Perches and thence by a Straight line To the Beginning Conetaning and laid out for one Hundred acres more of lesf

To have and To hold the ? Tract or P? of Land with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging or appurtaint to him the said James Henthorn his heirs & afsigns for Ever & to his & thiers only Propper use & ? of and to & for no other use ? or Purpose Whatsover and the said John Henthorn for hisself & his heirs doth Covonant and Agree with the said Jame Henthorn his heirs and Afsigns taht he said John Henthorn at the time of the ? sealing & Delivery of these Presents is ? in his demise as of ? of the ? Tract or parcell of Land with all the appurtenances & hath good Right Absolute & lawfull Authority to Sell & Convey the same and ? Part there of to him the said James Henthorn his heirs & Afsigns for ever, and the said John Henthorn for himself and his heirs doth further Covonant & agree to & with the said James Henthorn his heirs & Afsigns that he the said John Henthorn and his ? the said ? power of Law with all the appurtenances to him the said James Henthorn his heirs and afsigns for ever will Well & Sufficiently Warrant & Defend against all ? persons Claiming from ? or and or ? his only his ? or ? and the said John Henthorne doth further covonant & agreee to & with the said James Henthorn his heirs & afsigns that ? the said John Henthorn Shall & Will at any time during his life at the proper cost and charge of the said James Henthorne his heirs & afsigns ? & Execute any further Act or Acts Conveyences or other Afsureances not bearing a Stronger Warrantee than these Presents ? Shall by the said James Henthorne his heirs Afsigns or his or their former ? in the dlaw ? reasonably advises devises or required for the ? afsurances and more ? Conveyance of the ? Tract of ? of Land with the appurtenances to him the said James Henthorn his heirs & afsigns for Ever.

In Witnefs Whereof the said John Henthorn hat hereunto ? his hand & seal the day & year above Written.................................................................................../s John Henthorne {Seal}

Sealed and delivered in the presence of Wm Rogers Nuh Tempest Rogers
Province of Maryland Baltimore County on the 3d day of May 1745 ? personally appeared before us John Henthorn party to the within Indenture did acknowledge the same to be his proper Act & deed and the within mentioned one Hundred acres of Land with Every the appurtenanace are now in the property ? Right and INterest of the within named James Henthorne his heirs & afsigns are ? to the Free Intent & ? of the within Conveyance Acknowledged before us the Day & Year above mentioned Geo: Buchanan Charles Ridgely Then came before us Margrett Henthorn wife of the Wittness mentioned John Henthorn living privately Examined by us out of the hearing of her said Husband ? ? the within noratized promises did resign ? ?& of Dopwn to the within mentioned promoses unto the said James Henthorne & ? the promeses Within to be in the full & sole Right of the said James Henthorn his heirs & afsigns According to the True In Tent & Meaing of the within Conveyance ? & ? before us the date above Geo: Buchanan Charles Ridgely May the 3d 1745 Recd of James Henthorn Twenty pounds Penselvania money being full Consideration of the within ? wifnefs my hand ? Henthorn ? Wm Rogers May the 5th 1745 ? Recd four shillings ? for & ? ? of the within Said for the use of the Said Balt. ???????
Recd May the sixth Anno Domino Seventeen Hundred & fourty five & ?
/s ? Brerewood Clk Baltimore County

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