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Yoho, Peter

Summary of Peter YOHO - 3 May 2010


Name: Peter YOHO
Sex: Male
Father: Johannas YOHO (1712 - aft 1795)
Mother: Susanna Catherine LAU (1704 - )

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1745
Death bef 21 Oct 1823 (age 78) Fish Creek, Ohio Co., VA
Ref # BXTC-J4

1. Margaret BAKER
Marriage abt 1774 (age 29)
... John YOHO (31 May 1775 - 11 Jun 1853)
... Margaret YOHO (abt 1777 - abt 1809)
... Mary YOHO (abt 1778 - 1 Oct 1856)
... Henry YOHO Jr. (abt 26 Jul 1781 - 5 Dec 1862)
... Samuel YOHO (16 Jan 1782 - 31 Jan 1835)
... Peter YOHO Jr. (26 Jan 1787 - 6 May 1861)
... Lewis YOHO (abt 9 Jul 1791 - 15 Dec 1875)
... Joseph Jacob YOHO (abt 1792 - aft 27 Jun 1864)
... Isaac YOHO (bet 1794 and 1799 - 27 Oct 1881)
... William YOHO (bet 1797 and 1804 - 2 Apr 1884)
... Elizabeth YOHO (abt 1818 - )

Notes (Individual)
Peter Yoho

PARENTS: Johannas Yoho and Susanna Catherine Lau

BIRTH: The Ancestral File lists the birth as, 1745, probably Winchester, PA.

MILITARY: Revolutionary War Service
According to Denver Yoho he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He resided in Washington Co., PA, now Greene Co., PA, during the war. He served in First Battalion, Washington Co., PA Militia. In 1782, he was recruited in Whiteley and Greene Townships in what is now Greene Co., PA, under Captain John Guthrey (Gethery). This service was used by DAR member Elizabeth (Carson) Kramer in her application. (PA Archives, Series VI, Vol. 2, pp 18-19 and 271).

MILITARY: The Indian Wars; By Denver Yoho; April 1995
We have records of at least four, and possibly five, Yoho ancestors who served as soldiers during the Indian Wars and the American Revolution, including George Yoho, Peter Yoho, John Yoho, Henry Yoho and Jacob Yoho. These five men are believed to be five of the sons of Johannas Yoho (born 1712 and died circa 1795) and Susanne Catherine (Lau) Yoho (born circa 1714). Following is information and records evidencing my conclusions relating to the service of these men in the Indian Wars.

Peter Yoho, who was born in 1745 and died in 1823, also served in the Revolutionary War. Peter died prior to the legislation that was passed rewarding Revolutionary War soldiers for their service. Thus, military records for Peter Yoho are scarce. In the Pennsylvania Archives Series VI, Vol. 2, pages 18, 19, 271, the following in listed: "Year 1782 First Battalion, Washington County. Recruited in Whiteley and Greene Townships (now Greene County) a few miles from Dunkard. John Guthrey, Captain. Among the privates were listed Peter Yoho and Henry Yoho. These men also served tours with Captain John Guthrey and Captain Samuel Swindler, Captain John Minor, Captain Cecil Davis and Captain John Shipman. Service on the western frontier was not continuous. Soldiers would be discharged at the end of an emergency and called back when an emergency would occur." Also, listed in the DAR Patriot Index 1966 printing, page 768, is the following: "Peter Yoho born 1745, died 1817-28, MXPvt. PA."
(Source: The Yoho Newsletter, April 1995, Vol. 4, No. 1)

The DAR PATRIOT INDEX lists two men by the name of Yoho who had Revolutionary Service: Henry Yoho, born 1752, died 1845, wife, Catherine, Private, Spy, Virginia and Peter Yoho, b. circa 1745, died in 1817 also a private from PA.

Henry Yoho applied for a pension from Monongalia Co., VA when he was 82 years old, put Peter never applied for one. However, both Henry and Peter show up on the First Battalion, Wasington Co., [PA] Militia recruited in Whiteley, Greene and Dunkard Townships in what is now Greene Co., PA in 1782. Ref. PA Archives, Series VI, Vol. 2, pp. 18-19, pp. 271.

I sent for the pension file of Henry Yoho and found it interesting reading. File No. S-7996. Henry was placed on the roll of the Wheeling Agency at the rate of Forty Dollars per Annum under the law of 7 Jun 1832. His application reveals that he was born in Virginia about 18 miles from Winchester. He did not recollect the year, but he stated he was 85 years old. His father's family moved to Western Virginia when he was 11 years old and he resided there ever since. He first served in the Revolution in a company commanded by Lieut. Samuel Singles who was stationed on Whiteley Creek, now in Monongalia Co., [WV] at the house of a settler named Duncan. The Company was composed of 18 men, some drafted, although he had volunteered. They marched to Garrett's fort on Whiteley Creek and remained there ...
(Source: undated column of Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak - furnished by Vivian Yoho)

According to the "History of the Panhandle West Virginia," "Old Peter Yoho settled on Fish Creek, near Graysville, Marshall Co., VA/WV in 1792."

Ohio Co., VA Deed Book 7, page 208, June 5, 1804, Peter Yoho bought 170 acres of land, at Gully Bottom, Fish Creek, near (Graysville, WV) from Abijah McClain for $502.00. This land adjoined the land of his brother, Henry Yoho, who bought 192 acres on Fish Creek from Abijah McClain, June 5, 1804, Deed Book 7, page 205, for the sum of $525.00.

LAND: Peter Yoho Obtains Land from Abijah McClain; 5 Jun 1804 This indenture made this 5th day of June Anno Domini 1804 between Abijah McClain and Pamela, his wife, of Green County and State of Pennsylvania of the one part and Peter Yoho of Ohio County in the State of Virginia of the other part

Witnesseth that the said Abijah and Pamela for and in consideration for five hundred and ten dollars to them in hand paid by the said Peter Yoho before the ensealing and delivery hereof the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge (and ?? the said Peter) have granted bargained sold ? released and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell ? release and confirm to the said Peter Yoho part of a tract of land situate in Ohio County in the State of Virginia on the waters of Fish Creek called Gully Bottom

Beginning at a gum and beech on the bank of Fish Creek on Abijah McClains original line thence by land conveyed to Henry Yoho North thirty four degrees East 45 1/2 perches to a small hickory North 23 degrees West 150 perches to three beeches in the forks of a drean South 44 degrees West 46 perches to a linn South 74 degrees West 38 perches to a ? ash at the creek Sout 17 degrees East 92 Perches South 36 degrees East 57 perches to a beech and Spanish oak on the bank corner of the original survey and with a line of the same North 86 degrees East 132 perches to the Beginning

containing 170 acres of land strict measure (It is part of the same tract of land which the Commonwealth of Virginia granted to the said Abijah by Patent dated the first day of September Anno Domini 1795 in consequence of a certificate of settlement from the commissioners for adjusting the title to unpatented land) to have and to hold the above described tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Peter Yoho his Heirs assigns ??? proper use benefit and behoof of the said Peter Yoho His Heirs assigns forever and the said Abijah and Pamela for themselves their heirs Executors or Administrators do hereby covenant to and with the said Peter Yoho his heirs and assigns the above described tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Peter his Heirs and assigns against all persons shall and will warrant and forever defend in testimony whereof they have hereto set their hand and seals the day and year first herein written.
Abijah McClain
(Indenture furnished by Hugh L. Yoho)

Peter Yoho died in 1823 in Ohio Co., VA in the area of what is now known as Graysville, Marhall, WV. The date, 21 Oct 1823, is the date the estate was settled. It is thought that he and his wife are probably buried in the Peter Yoho Cemetery, established by his son Henry, near Graysville, Marshall Co., WV.

Estate Settlement, Ohio Co., VA/WV, 21 Oct 1823, Book 3, pp 273-278. The 170 acres of land was bought by his son, Henry Yoho, Jr., from the other heirs (brothers and sisters) on March 24, 1828, Ohio Co. Deed Book 14, pp 202-206 (9 shares), and the 10th share on Sept. 26, 1834, Ohio Co., Deed Book 19, pp 379-380. There were 11 children, and the 11th share went to Henry Yoho, Jr. as his inheritance right.
(Furnished by Denver C. Yoho)

RESIDENCES: He lived at: Washington Co., PA 1784; Staunton, VA, 1787; Ohio/Marshall Co., VA/WV 1792.

CEMETERY: Where are the Yoho Cemeteries?
In a number of genealogy documents about the Yoho family of West Virginia it has been difficult to determine in which Yoho family cemetery people are buried. This problem occurs because there are a number of Yoho cemeteries and any of them can be referred to as the "Yoho Cemetery." In the files of Richard E. Henthorn and T. Vernon Anderson each West Virginia cemetery has been given a unique name which includes the first name of the male Yoho on whose land the cemetery was established. The names of the cemeteries and descriptive information is listed below.

Peter Yoho Cemetery - at Fish Creek, near Graysville, Marshall Co., WV
(On the original Peter Yoho farm) Spouse of: Margaret Baker

Samuel Yoho Cemetery - on Rt. 46, off Eight Mile Ridge, 1/4 mile back of
the Church of Christ, Wetzel Co., WV. Spouse of Ophelia V. Garrett.

Henry M. Yoho Cemetery - Rines Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
Spouse of: Susan Elizabeth Kelley.

William J. Yoho Cemetery - Rines Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
(On the farm of William J. Yoho) Spouse of: Mary Yoho

Doliver Yoho Cemetery - Brushy Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
(On the farm of Doliver Yoho) Spouse of: Mary Emma West.

Vince Yoho Cemetery - Rines Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
(Farm cemetery. It has not been determined which Vince Yoho owned this farm)

Yoho Cemetery - Batesville, Noble Co., OH
Located on a peninsula at the upper end of Seneca Lake, between Rt. 147 & 513.
(Written by Richard E. Henthorn, May 1997)

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