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Suter, Grace Florence

Summary of Grace Florence SUTER - 2 May 2010

Name: Grace Florence SUTER
Sex: Female
Father: Delbert Francis SUTER (14 Nov 1866 - 22 Nov 1959)
Mother: Amy Ann HENTHORN (13 Apr 1876 - 23 Mar 1947)

Individual Facts
Birth 19 Apr 1898 Hannibal, Monroe Co., OH
Burial Jun 1975 (age 77) Hannibal, Monroe Co., OH, Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Death 22 Jun 1975 (age 77) Hannibal, Monroe Co., OH

1. Franklin Frederick SCHAFER
Marriage 19 Apr 1916 (age 18) New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WV
.... Chester Ellsworth SCHAFER (24 Feb 1917 - )
.... Otto Franklin SCHAFER (19 Feb 1918 - )
.... Francis Lee SCHAFER (15 Apr 1919 - )
.... Leona Mae SCHAFER (16 Jan 1922 - )

Notes (Individual)
Grace Florence Suter

AKA: Her birth name was Gracie, she later went by Grace.

Grace Florence (Suter) Schafer was very interested in genealogy. She put together "Tisher Family - Came to America from Switzerland in 1819," which is available on film from the LDS library in Salt Lake City, UT.

Grace Schafer was living in Hannibal, OH, as of Nov 1970, when she encouraged Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak to write a series of articles about Henthorn family research in her column, "Family Research in Monroe County," which appeared in "The Spirit of Democracy," at Woodsfield, OH beginning on 19 Nov 1970.

Grace (Suter) Schafer lived in the house built by Dr. Nimrod Evans Henthorn in Hannibal, OH. The middle portion of the house was of log construction.

Grace Schafer wrote the following item to "The Spirit of Democracy," on 4 Apr 1968.

Which Adam Henthorn?

While looking through Volume III of "Monroe County Ohio Records," by Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak, I noticed at the time of her writing she was confused with two Adam Henthorn names. One Adam was born in 1780, the other in 1781.

The first James Henthorn, who settled in what is now Clarington, OH had a brother Adam, also a son Adam. Adam, the son of James, was the brother of my great grandfather, Dr. Nimrod E. Henthorn's father, John Henthorn. He is buried with his wife Susanna Henthorn in an old vault besides his brother, John, in the Harter Cemetery north of Hannibal, OH.

My mother's cousin told me Susanna Henthorn was Susanna Hofer before marriage to old uncle Adam. He said there was a door to the vault and the Henthorns had a key and the Hofer family had one.

The Hofers took so many people in the vault it made the Henthorn relatives unhappy and they closed it up putting a marble slab in front.

The Adam Henthorn who is so near the same age as my Adam is buried in the Rutter Cemetery west of Clarington on highway 78. I hope this will make all the records right. Adam in Rutters is James' brother.

John Henthorn, mentioned above, was the same John who brought the burrs for an early mill in Monroe County from Cheat Mountains, VA., now WV. His great great grandfather was born in Ireland in 1715. Down from generation to generation there have been many Adam and John Henthorns.

[Note: Leona Harrison and Richard E. Henthorn do not agree with Mrs. Shafer's contention that the wife of Adam Henthorn was Susanna Hofer. Leona, and others, have found her will in Will Book #1. The will mentions her brother, John Risher (also seen as Rischer).]

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