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Baker, Jacob Martin Sr.

Summary of Jacob Martin BAKER Sr. - 16 May 2010

Name: Jacob Martin BAKER Sr.
Sex: Male
Father: John BAKER Capt. (bet 1735 and 1740 - 1787)
Mother: Elizabeth Ann SULLIVAN (14 Feb 1744 - 22 May 1836)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1775 Fort Henry, Ohio Co., VA
Death 1861 (age 86) Calais, Monroe Co., OH
Burial 1861 (age 86) Calais, Monroe Co., OH

Marriage 23 Jun 1798 (age 23) Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH
... Henry BAKER (bet 1799 and 1812 - )
... John BAKER (1804 - )
... Eleanor BAKER (bet 1800 and 1807 - Nov 1880)
... Sarah Margaret BAKER (bet 1809 and 1811 - 1900)
... Elizabeth BAKER (abt 1813 - )
... Andrew BAKER (bet 1813 and 1815 - 1899)
... Jacob BAKER Jr. (bet 1816 and 1818 - )
... Margaret BAKER (abt 1835 - )

Notes (Individual)
Jacob Martin Baker, Sr.

PARENTS: Capt. John Baker and Elizabeth Ann Sullivan

BIRTH-DEATH: Clarice Stanley and Denver Yoho list, b. ca. 1777, d. 1861 and married to Mary Steen on 23 Jun 1798 at Monroe Co., OH.

MARRIAGE: Margaret Yoho lists the marriage date as 23 Jun 1798

DEATH: Margaret Yoho lists, 1861 in Monroe Co., OH.

AKA: Ethel L. Briggs listed his name as, Jacob Martin Baker as does Valerie Kramer.

MARRIAGE: According to Catherine Fedorchak the marriage record of Jacob Baker can be found in Jefferson Co., OH.

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Seneca Twp., 289/289, 28 Sep 1850
Jacob Baker, 75, m. farmer, $2000, VA; Mary, 70, f. PA
Maria, 15, f. domestic, OH

Census: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Seneca Twp., (P.O. Calais), 11 Jun 1860
Jacob Baker, Jr., 42, m. farmer, 1000/500, OH, couldn't read/write
Jane, 43, f. domestic, OH, couldn't read/write
Jacob Sr., 86, m. nothing, 4000/50, OH, couldn't read/write
Mary A., 17, f. domestic, OH
Josiah Rucker, 28, m. farm laborer, OH
William Baker, 14, m. OH; Samuel, 12, m. OH; Lydia, 9, f, OH
Margaret, 7, f. Oh; Jacob, 4, m. OH; Mariah, 2, f. OH
Lydia Reynolds, 17, f. domestic, OH

BIOGRAPHY: Jacob Baker married Mary Steen June 23, 1798 and this record can be found in Jefferson Co. Both are buried at Calais.

Both were living in Seneca Township in 1850, and all the Baker family knew of the Indian battles and the death of Capt. John Baker at Baker's Fort. Jacob Baker related these stories to his daughter, Sara, who in turn told her grandchildren. Sara Baker Ingraham was born in 1810 and died in 1900 and is buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Jackson Co., W.Va. The information handed down in this manner included the story that Jacob Baker was often bothered by nightmares and would wake up screaming that the Indians were going to attack. When he died, a pound of gunpowder in a horn, was buried with him, as per his last request.

With the burning of many records all proof of this relationship between Jacob Baker and Sara was presumed lost, however, in Record Book 18, page 362, in the Court of Common Pleas, we found a record of Jacob Baker's will, which had been re-entered in the records of a civil suit. It shows that Jacob made his last will and testament on the 13th day of Nov. 1852, and died in 1861, that he owned the NE 1/2 of S.11, T.7, R.7, which he ordered divided into four equal lots by running lines north and south across this quarter section, and he left these equal lots to his sons, Henry, John, Jacob and Andrew.

He also bequeathed items to his daughters: ELEANOR MARTIN, SARAH INGRAHAM, MARGARET BAKER, ELIZABETH REYNOLDS, and to his grand-daughter, Mary Ann Stephens, daughter of his daughter, Elizabeth Reynolds. (Source: Family Research in Monroe County, Catharine Fedorchak, 8 Feb 1968)

PROBATE: Copy of Will Exhibit "A"
In the name of God, Amen, I Jacob Baker of Monroe Co. being in tolerable good health of body and of sound mind memory and understanding, thanks be to God for the same, but considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof and being desirous of settling my wordly affairs and therefore be the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me hence, to therefore make and arrange this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

First, I commit my soul to the hands of the Almighty God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian-like manner direction of my executor hereinafter named, and after my debts and funeral expenses are paid I devise and bequeath as follows, viz:

To my four sons, Henry Baker, John Baker, Andrew Baker, and Jacob Baker, I give and devise the quarter section on which I now reside the same being the NE 1/4 S.11, T.7, R.7, the said 1/4 section to be divided into 4 equal parts by right lines running north and south, the said lots to be numbered from east to west, the first or eastern lot to belong to Henry Baker, the second to John Baker, the 3rd to Jacob Baker, and the 4th or western lot to Andrew Baker, each to pay the sum of $125.00 to my 4 daughters and granddaughter hereinafter named, 1/2 to be paid in 2 years and the remaining half within 3 years from my decease.

I give and devise to my 5 (sic) daughters, Eleanor Martin, Sarah Ingraham, Margaret Baker, Elizabeth Reynolds and Mary Ann Stephens, dau. of my dau. Elizabeth Reynolds all my personal property.

To Mary Stephens 1 bed and bedding, a bureau and cow, and all the dresser wares and the remainder of my personal property to my daughters and granddaughter, share and share alike, or to as many of them as may be living at my decease.

John Baker and Andrew Baker to be my executors - dated 13 Nov 1852, and witnessed by James Atkinson and G.H. Hays.
(Source: Records of the Court of Common Pleas, Monroe Co., OH, Record Book 18, page 362-363 - 4 Sep 1871 found in Fedorchak, unknown volume, page 84-85 - furnished by Ray Alfred Stewart.)

LAND: Monroe Co., OH. court of Common Pleas - Record Book, page 259 - 4 Sep 1871 - Case of Jacob Baker vs. Andrew Baker and Herman Benninhaus: .....that said Jacob Baker deceased, devised to said Andrew Baker, Henry Baker and john Baker the NE 1/4 S.11, T.7, R.7 and said will and the record thereof is destroyed, plaintiff asks that the contents of said will be established.... (Found in Fedorchak, unknown volume, page 84 - furnished by Ray Alfred Stewart)

LEGAL_MATTER: Legal Notice - appearing in SPIRIT OF DEMOCRACY - issue of Nov. 22, 1865 Notice to James Rucker and Margaret, his wife, of the State of Iowa, John Baker, Samuel Carpenter adn Polly, his wife; John Dailey and Nancy his wife; Alexander Baker, James Baker, Cain Baker, Margaret Baker, Majora Baker, John Baker, Jr. and A.G. Beaber of the State of Illinois. James Wells filed a petition to obtain title to real estate in S.11, T.7, R.7, same land devised by Jacob Baker, Sr. to Henry Baker and by Henry Baker sold to James Wells. (Found in Fedorchak, unknown volume, page 85 - furnished by Ray Alfred Stewart)

RESEARCHER: Mrs. Leonard Baker; 4500 Neely; Midland, TX worked on this branch.

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I have a slightly different version:

Monroe Co. Ohio Records - Fedorchak V.9 pg 65

Legal Notice: James Rucker and Margaret, his wife of the State of Iowa, John Baker, Samuel Carpenter and Polly, his wife; John Dailey and Nancy, his wife; Alexander Baker, James Baker, Cain Baker, Margaretta Baker, and A.G. Beaber of the State of Indiana will take notice that a petition was filed against them on the 30th of Nov. 1865 by James Wells in the Court of Common Pleas to obtain title to 1/4 part of NE1/4 of S.11, T.7, R.7 to be taken off the E. side of the said quarter and running across the quarter of equal width, the same land devised by Jacob Baker, Sr. to Henry Baker and by Henry Baker sold to James Wells.