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Jacob Affolter II

Jacob Affolter II

Census: 1870, in Monroe Co., OH, Green Twp., 170-169
Jacob Affolter Sr., 48, Swtz, farmer; Margaret, 39, Swtz, keep house;
Jacob Jr., 18, OH, farm work; Elizabeth, 16, OH, help mother; John, 13,
OH, farm work; Mary, 10, OH, school; Samuel, 7, OH, school; Margaret, 4,
OH, Rachel, 2/12, OH

Census: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Green Twp., 185/204
Jacob Affholter [sic] Sen., 58, SWZ SWZ, OH; Margaret, 51, SWZ SWZ SWZ
John, 23, OH SWZ SWZ; Mary, 20, OH SWZ SWZ; Samuel, 17, OH SWZ SWZ;
Margaret Jr., 14, OH, SWZ, SWZ; Rachel, 10, OH SWZ SWZ; David, 6, OH SWZ SWZ

Jacob Affolter, Senior is a resident of Greene township, [Monroe Co., OH], being engaged in farming and the dairy business. He came to this county in 1833, having been born in Switzerland, April 27, 1822.

His father was Jacob Affolter, deceased December 9, 1879, and his mother, Mary Kassermann, deceased June 24, 1873. They came to Monroe county in the year 1833.

The wife of Jacob Affolter, senior, was Margaret Palmer, to whom he was married in Switzerland township, Monroe county, Ohio, January 15, 18??. Mrs. Affolter was born in Switzerland, September 20, 18??. Mrs. Affolter's parents were Henry Palmer, deceased, and Margaret Fox, who died January 27, 1873. They came to Monroe county in 1833.

The children of Jacob and Margaret Affolter are as follows: Jacob, born July 8, 1852, lives in Greene township, Monroe county; Elizabeth (Grant), May 9, 1854, lives in Green township; John, May 20, 1857, lives at home; Mary, November 11, 1859, at home; Samuel, February 3, 1863; Margaret, April 27, 1866; Rachel, March 30, 1870; David, July 21, 1873.

Mr. Affolter was elected treasurer of this township [Greene] in 1864, and served in that office seven years' continuously. He was also trustee for two years; was elected commissioner of the county in the fall of 1877; was reelected in the fall of 1880 -- is one of the present incumbents. His term of office will expire in the fall of 1883.

Mr. Affolter's cousin, Jacob Kassermann, was in the late war, in the 77th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was taken prisoner and died in prison. He made his home with Mr. Affolter before going into the war.

Mr. Affolter's father came from Switzerland and settled in the southern part of Switzerland township, Monroe county, in the year 1833; he took out letters-patent for a farm and went into the woods and cleared a place to build a house upon. He cleared up his farm and raised his family of four children.

Jacob Affolter, the subject of this sketch, was the oldest, being then a lad of eleven years when his father settled there. He assisted his father materially in clearing up the farm and tilling it. Mr. Affolter, senior, lived on the farm he entered until his death. He lived to reap some of the benefits of his labor in this county at an early day, and died at the mature old age of 81 years. He was honored and respected by all who knew him as a man of truth, integrity and good habits.

Jacob Affolter, the subject of this sketch, came to Green township in 1853, and located where he now lives, in the northern part of the township. By frugality, economy and strict attention to his business affairs, he has prospered in this world's goods. He started out in the battle of life with only his hands. He mastered the carpenter's trade, and is now the possessor of 300 acres of valuable land. Mr. Affolter and his two sons, Jacob and John, are also engaged in saw-milling; they are owners of a portable mill, which they move from place to place.

There were no roads in Switzerland township when Mr. Affolter's father settled in it. They had to cut a road through the land when they located it. There were no churches or schools, nothing but woods and wild animals. Mr. Affolter, the subject of this sketch, attended one of the first schools organized in this township. It was taught by John Yenne, in the year 1834.

Mr. Affloter's address is Laings postoffice, Monroe county, Ohio.
(Source: History of Monroe County, Ohio; H.H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882, pages 18-19)

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