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Ahnentafel Chart for Charles Yoho

Ancestors of Charles YOHO - 26 Jan 2010

First Generation

1. Charles YOHO was born on 27 Nov 1856 in Monroe Co., OH. He died on 11 Jun 1946 in Huntington, Cabell Co., WV. SPOUSE: Elizabeth Emily Yoho

Second Generation

2. Jeremiah YOHO was born about 1828/29 in Ohio/Marshall Co., VA/WV. He died on 15 Mar 1890 in Gallia Co., OH. Jeremiah YOHO and Hannah ANDERSON were married about 1848.

3. Hannah ANDERSON was born about 1827 in Ohio. She died on 15 Mar 1857 in Monroe Co., OH.

Third Generation

4. George YOHO Jr. was born on 21 Dec 1806 in Fish Creek, Ohio Co., VA. He died on 17 Aug 1890 in Marshall Co., WV. George YOHO Jr. and Rachel GARNER were married in 1829 in Marshall Co., VA.

5. Rachel GARNER was born on 29 Feb 1808 in Lynn Camp, Ohio Co., VA. She died on 25 Sep 1868 in Lynn Camp, Ohio Co., VA.

6. Eli ANDERSON was born in 1790 in Virginia.

7. Rebecca ATKINSON was born in 1801 in Virginia.

Fourth Generation

8. Henry YOHO Jr. was born on 25 Oct 1781 in Marshall Co., VA. He died on 5 Dec 1862 in Graysville, Marshall Co., WV.

9. Annabelle BUCHANAN was born on 23 Nov 1780 in Pennsylvania. She died on 31 Jan 1873 in Graysville, Marshall Co., WV.

10. Joshua GARNER was born about 1781 in Virginia. He died on 27 Jun 1867 in Marshall Co., WV. Joshua GARNER and Mary (Polly) YOHO were married about 1805 in Marshall Co., VA.

11. Mary (Polly) YOHO was born about 1787 in Wetzel Co., VA. She died before 1852 in Lynn Camp, Marshall Co., VA.

14. William A. ATKINSON was born about 1764 in Cumberland Co., PA. He died after 1840 in Clarington, Monroe Co., OH. William A. ATKINSON and Mary MC COY were married about 1787.

15. Mary MC COY was born in 1769 in Pennsylvania. She died in Monroe Co., OH.

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Richard E. Henthorn
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