Monday, January 11, 2010

Ahnentafel Chart for Thomas Atkinson

Ancestors of Thomas ATKINSON - 10 Jan 2010

First Generation

1. Thomas ATKINSON was born. SPOUSE: Nancy McGoughney

Second Generation

2. Matthew ATKINSON was born about 1832 in OH.

3. Amanda CLARK was born about 1837 in Salem Twp., Monroe Co., OH.

Third Generation

4. Thomas ATKINSON was born on 31 Jul 1809. He died on 16 Jul 1840 in OH.

5. Elizabeth BROWN was born between 1808 and 1811 in OH.

6. Daniel CLARK was born about 1806 in Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV.

7. Mary HENTHORN was born on 8 Nov 1804 in OH. She died on 4 May 1851 in Monroe Co., OH.

Fourth Generation

8. William A. ATKINSON was born about 1764 in Cumberland Co., PA. He died after 1840 in Clarington, Monroe Co., OH. William A. ATKINSON and Mary MCCOY were married about 1787.

9. Mary MCCOY was born in 1769 in PA. She died in Monroe Co., OH.

12. Henry CLARK was born on 23 Apr 1750. He died on 20 Jul 1815.

13. Dorcas HINTON was born.

14. Adam HENTHORN was born in Jan 1781 in Washington Co., MD. He died on 12 Aug 1830 in Salem Twp., Monroe Co., OH.

15. Nancy HOOD was born on 4 Jul 1783 in PA. She died on 4 Sep 1847 in Salem Twp., Monroe Co., OH.

Prepared by:
Richard E. Henthorn

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