Monday, April 20, 2009

File Conversion Status

Genealogy Files of Dick Henthorn
Converted from PAF 2.31 to RootsMagic
As of 19 Apr 2009

For many months I have been distressed that I lost access to my genealogy files when the clock battery stopped working on my IBM laptop computer. The files weren't lost, I just couldn't read them

From time to time, as time and mood permitted, I have worked on the projects to convert the files from PAF 2.31 to RootsMagic. This document is a status report.

Files Converted:

1. PAFDat - my Henthorn, Carlson / Hagstrom file, and Melva's family
2. PAFEng - the Henthorn family of England
3. PAFJohn - the John Hinthorn family of Illinois
4. PAFNew - several small trees for families that I worked on but didn't include in the larger files.
5. PAFSma - the John Henthorn family. This is the brother of James Henthorn.
6. PAFAda - the Adam Henthorn family of Monroe County, Ohio. Converted on 14 April 2009.

Files Yet to be Converted:

1. PAFJam - James Henthorn family of Monroe County, Ohio.
2. PAFWill - William Henthorn family of Monroe County, Ohio
3. PAFCon - Conger family
4. PAFYoh - Yoho family
5. PAFOth - Collateral Henthorn families. This includes the Watson family. This PAF file was damaged and for the longest time I couldn't find a good backup. On 19 Apr 2009 I found a set of nine GEDCOM floppies created on 26 Jan 2001 that should allow me to recover this file.

File: ConvertStatus.txt

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