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Charles Atkinson

Charles Atkinson

Problem: Was he born in Lancaster Co., PA or Cumberland Co., PA.
JoNelle Linnaus lists, Northumberland Co., PA.

QUESTION: Can anyone cite a source for the birth information?

COMMENT: Charles and Elizabeth Atkinson married in Cumberland Co., PA. Some list the marriage place as Perry Co., PA. JoNelle Linnaus lists, Cumberland Co., PA. Robert Guilinger points out that counties in Pennsylvania were carved up into small counties after 1800. Therefore, a person born in a certain county in 1760 could still be in the same locality after 1800, when they died, and be listed in a different county. In the case of Charles and Elizabeth Atkinson they were probably married in Cumberland Co., PA (now part of Perry Co., PA).

MILITARY: James and Charles Atkinson, enlisted with their father, Cornelius Atkinson. These boys started careers as frontiersmen patterned after that of their father and for the next 20 years or more were frequently engaged in military service, against the Indians or otherwise in defense of their country.

Later in the Revolution, another brother, William Atkinson, enlisted in the Pennsylvania Militia, as a member of Robinsson's Rangers (Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 23, p. 196) For other sources of information see Cumberland county, PA Deed and Orphan Court Records; Dauphin Co., PA Orphan Court records; Hains History of Perry County, PA; DAR Book 140, p. 235.

Charles Atkinson applied for a pension for his Revolutionary War service and in it he mentions some of the duties performed by him and his fellow rangers in 1779. James Atkinson was a witness attesting to this service.
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Vol. II, p. 60 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

MILITARY: Revolutionary War Service Records - Cornelius Atkinson and sons, James and Charles Atkinson
Cornelius Atkinson served as a Lieutenant with the 2nd Battalion of Northumberland County Pennsylvania Militia. Colonel James Potter was the Commander.
1st Company. Arthur Taggert, 1st Captain.
Cornelius Atkinson, 1st Lieutenant
85 Privates
Cornelius Atkinson's sons, James and Charles Atkinson served as Privates in the company.
(Source: Pennsylvania Archives. 5 Series. Vol. 8, pp. 641-667-F85-F854-. 67.)
The Atkinsons also served as Ranger on the Frontiers - Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. 1778-1783.
Cornelius Atkinson 1778-1783; James Atkinson 1778-1783;
Charles Atkinson 1778-1780.
(Source: Pennsylvania Archives. 3rd Series. Vol. 23, pp. 245-338-343- 711.)
[Note: REH found this information about the war records in the Data File of Cornelius Atkinson at the DAR in Washington, DC.]

MILITARY: Atkinson, Charles (Monroe Co.); Pvt. Capt McCoy's Company, Cumberland Co, Pa. Mil. during 1781-1782. Bur (sic, should be born) 1760. Mar second wife, Elizabeth Stephen. Br 1769. D 1841. Ref: Mrs. Edna Quick Acomb, Nelsonville.
Tombstone standing. Fur infor by Elizabeth Zane Dew Chap.
(Source: Official Roster - "Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Ohio. by the DAR, 1929, F.J. Hier Printing Co., Columbus, Ohio; top of page 21 reads "REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS 1775-1783" - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

MILITARY: James Atkinson was a Sgt. in Capt. James Seal's Company for 265 days.
Charles was a Pvt. in the same company.
(Source: Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series, Vol. 5, pages 618, 630)
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Vol. II, p. 61 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Recd. Washington 14th February 1795 of Jno. Wilkens, Junr. forty nine dollars fifty eight cents and one third in full for my services as a soldier in Capt. James Sealses compy of State militia also two dollars for the use of my gun in said services as witness my hand
Thos. Gilespie.
(Source: Muster and Pay Rolls, p. 630 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

EMIGRATION: About the end of the 18th century, ca. 1799, brothers Charles and James Atkinson moved to the Northwest Territory and settled on Sunfish Creek in what is now Monroe Co., Ohio. There within the next 3 to 4 years they were joined by their brothers, William, Isaac, Mitchell and their sister, Mary Jones-Inghram.
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Vol. II, p. 61 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)