Sunday, October 26, 2008


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If you are interested in the information on my AOL genealogy website and you want to keep some of the information only a few more days remain to take action. On 31 October 2008 the website will be removed from the Internet by AOL. I haven't decided whether I will rebuild the website somewhere else. Therefore if you want something you should either print out the webpage or save the webpage on your own computer.

I did archived all of the pieces of the website on a thumb drive. While I was doing that work I noticed that the Monroe County, Ohio History page had 8,900 visits. I estimate that there were at least 27,000 visits made to my homepage during the life of the website. I estimate because around the time the counter reached 25,000 it was somehow reset to zero by AOL.

I've given some thought to whether I should restrict access to the information if I decide to make it available again on the Internet. Because of privacy concerns there is always a possiblity of offending someone if everyone on the Internet has access to the genealogy information. Access by "invitation only" could reduce or eliminate this issue. If you have an opinion about this I'd like to hear from you.

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