Thursday, October 2, 2008

AOL Drops Website and Journal Support

The other day AOL sent an Email to all users announcing that as of 31 October 2008 the company will drop support of free websites and free journals. For a long time there had been rumors that AOL would take drastic steps in order to survive. In this writer's opinion this announcement indicates that the company is now in "survival mode."

For many years I have maintained a genealogy website in the free AOL website space. At the end of the month the website will no longer be available.

Needless to say I am very disappointed about this turn of events.

If there's anything on the website that you have put off printing or copying you should take steps to copy or print the information to your computer before the end of the month.

Creating this website took months, if not years. To illustrate the scoop of the problem, there are 129 postings to the Henthorn Website News alone.

At this time I am not certain whether I want to do the work required to move the information to the server of some other website provider. There's a strong possiblity that I will just accept what has happened as a sign that it is time for me to cease sharing genealogy information on the Internet via a personal website. There are other approaches that I'm going to think about.

To everyone who shared information or gave encouragement over the years I extend my thanks.

Dick Henthorn

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